Monday, October 17, 2011


Hi all,

First i wanna thanks again to all yg read my blogs. I have received so many email/fb msgs from people. terharu when most of them follows my blog and refer to my blog for their wed preps. I also have received tonnes of email regarding the last post (HERE). i will try to reply each one of u but there's too many..huhu. if ada yg i termiss/xsempat im sorry yah..will try my best to reply each one of u.. ;) 
 Thanks for ur support, doa n kata2 semangat.. :) And also thanks for sharing your stories+experience+preps.. im so thankful and happy i've made so many new frens (which i already mention from last post HERE).. 
im wondering, nanti nak invite time wedding ni camne eh? dulu2 mcm xkisah sgt amount pax sbb kononnye rasa mcm xbyk kawan.. but now? wah sgt byk..
rasenye mcm nak kene add amount pax ni..hehehe ;p


happyy... but be prepared ye lepas ni post yg total opposite plak....huhu..



.:shura shushi:. said...

i salah se0rg yg refer tu..bnyak infO..

nurul harnani said...

same goes to me.. tq to you too..

all d best gojes..

doakan nanie buat preps terbaik ya..