Thursday, October 20, 2011


Heyya lovelies,

Few days back i have posted a quick note (HERE). lemme repost it here..

First i wanna thanks again to all yg read my blogs. I have received so many email/fb msgs from people. terharu when most of them follows my blog and refer to my blog for their wed preps. I also have received tonnes of email regarding the last post (HERE). i will try to reply each one of u but there's too many..huhu. if ada yg i termiss/xsempat im sorry yah..will try my best to reply each one of u.. ;) 
Thanks for ur support, doa n kata2 semangat.. :) And also thanks for sharing your stories+experience+preps.. im so thankful and happy i've made so many new frens

thank u note wif my own hands aka Paint..hehee ;p

Until now i am so thankful and really2 flattered to have met and known all of u.. It was a surprise makin lama makin byk emails and FB messages i received from silent readers and others.. I sgt2 terharu okeh wif all the feedbacks, support and lovely kind words.. (xkisah nak ckp jugak altho da byk kali ulang) ;p

Yesterday i bukak je FB, OMG i was surprised there's like almost 50msgs from silent readers and followers.. all messages are so sweet. i was like, awww terharu..! hati berbunga2..! Happy giler smlm i was smiling all night okeh... byk tanya about the vendors, share their experience, just to say hello, ada yg nak berkenalan, etc,etc..

AAnnnnnd thanks to my BBF frens, u all rawk..I LOVE U GALS...! oh how i wish we could have met much2 earlier...u guys are like my besties and backbone..i mean seriously, no one cud ever replace frens like u.. i hope we will remain frens until da kawen, have babies, have cucus, have great-cucus.. haha ;p

 BBFs, silent readers, followers, cousin (u know who u are ;) ), and, and, all lah.. hehehe :)
i know u all are always there for me.. *GROUPHUG*

And also, thanks so much for all the support u all gave me when im kinda down (HERE)...thanks for understanding my situation. Im sorry i was away (x on FB and x update blog)...kononnye nak menyendiri la kejap sbb mmg xde mood. Now im a bit ok, thanks to you all... :D *hugs*

ape lagi nak ckp eh? tadi dalam pale mcm byk je bende nak ckp kat u all.. tp bila bukak page wedding2 trus lupa da sbb verangan mode da on..teheee...Thanks again for everything babes.. I know there this 'down moment' will come again anytime during this journey..i just have to be prepared and hoping u all are there for me.. I LOVE U ALL! :D

Rasa mcm pening sket baca post nih..hehe..mcm tunggang langgang..watever long my thank you message da disampaikan kat u all..tehee.. ;)

Ok till then, daa~



nida-razak said...

groupHUGGSSSS.... =)

LisaLisut said...

saya suka blog renee sbb byk info psl vendor.wpun sy dh ex bride.heh

grouphugssssssss :P

Fariza said...


xoxo :)

Honey Sakura @ eiMyLiciOus said...

love u toooo reneeee....huhuhu

psssttt next week eimy turun KL dgn fiance (urusan eimy + kami grab peluang shopping barang kahwin kat sana since tunang keje kat T'ganu & eimy keje kat Penang).

Hunny Kitty said...

sesamesss...ciom skitttt~

cik nurulain said...

u go girl! :)

Cik Hazz said...

cute sungguh note itu. hehehe. hugs Renee! thanks for sharing all the infos before. keep it up! ;-)

Aimifiqa said...

waaaa. hihi. nnt bile i nak kawen nnt, i rujuk u la. tapi lmbt lagilaa. sbb still study ma.

mge segalan urusanmu dipermudahkan

UyaRayza said...

sy suke baca blog renee sbb coollll hehehe..plg byk info terhangat :)...

Balkis Yusoff said...

arini kira kenyang dinner dh la...ehe...

Ila@Bella@Nabila said...

love+hugss+be strong renee!!!

Sfarlina said...

kan comel mmc ni!! good girl.. happy ok :) <3