Tuesday, October 28, 2014


Hye alls..

Ni iklan sampingan japs.. next post baru cont pasal my preggy story.. ;p

Haritu i ada post pasal ni maternity shoot ideas, now da start hunting for maternity OPs plak..heee..

Since now da malas nak search atau tanye quote sana sini, boleh tak sape2 tolong suggest any recommended OP? Kalau bleh yang affordable punye, not so mahal2 ones sbb obviously byk $$ nak spend on barang2 baby..hehe.. ;p

Kalau ada student2 ke, intern2 ke, OP yang baru nak naik ke.. i open jeeee.. xkisah.. Atleast bleh promote kat frens and family, and of course promote seumur hidup kat blog ni..haaaaaaa gitewww... ;p 

Im planning to do in December, and that time i dah 7months plus (going to be 8). So just nice la kan? Pastu by that time dah buat 3D scan and also dah beli barang2 baby..bleh buat props and reveal gender baby..khennn..

Anyone sudi untuk suggest/recommend/promote diri sendiri please drop me a comment or email ya.. maernee@gmail.com

Thanks so muchie!! :)


Friday, October 24, 2014


Hey there..

Cont from last post about my preggy journey.. click HERE

Ok from my last post, i shared my teenage life before i dpt tau i ada ovarian cyst.. now i will share my experience dealing with the ovarian cyst..

*WARNING - super long entry mcm novel*

wah bunyik mcm movie laks..hehe ;p
This is based on what i remembered la yer, so some details maybe missing la sket kot..hehe.. 

It happened so fast.. I was 23 years old and time tu kan tgh 'blossom' kan. baru nak rasa mcm cun..time tu semangat exercise everyday..every petang i akan exercise buat aerobic dance sorang2 atau main skipping. So one fine day, i was skipping macam biasa..dinner..and then malam it started..i start rasa sakit perut melampau2... mcm sakit nak ceri beri.. mula2 memulas2 time tido, so kite mcm tahan, pusing sana, pusing sini..masih sakit.. So pegi toilet sejam and yet nothing comes out.. i try makan ubat sakit perut (x silap gripe water), still nothing.. 

it was so painful xtahan sgt..it was almost midnight kot xsilap.. Since my parents xde time tu (they all stayed in KB sbb my dad keje there), i told both my elder and younger brother about it and trus we all pegi 24hours clinic. There the doctor checked, and also buat ultrascan..he said nampak mcm 'white mass' kat belah kiri lower abdomen. but he cant tell what it is. so he gave painkiller and advised to go to hospital first thing in the morning. My elder brother time tu agak annoying la he x abes2 tanye i ni pregnant ke.. im like !!! wrong timing sungguh la hishh..

so balik rumah, i makan painkiller and tried to sleep.. after 1 hour, pain tu kejap je hilang, and then start balik the excruciating pain.. and i started muntah2, all ubat keluar balik.. i xtahan, i told my elder brother i nak gi hospital..but he was so sleepy, so i decided to drive myself to hospital..my younger brother followed, and he actually drove the car halfway to hospital (he kecik lagi time tu, f1 ke f2 xsilap-nasib la we all nie start blaja drive masa teenager lagi). I decided to go to SJMC, sbb tu je hospital yg my family slalu pegi and i also already have record there. So from Kota Dsara all the way pegi SJMC (thank you for NKVE!)

Sampai2 SJMC, masuk emergency dulu.. they all just did a external checkup, check gitu2 je sbb awal2 pagi kan xde specialist rasenye.. i told them im having super pain and i xleh lie flat.. rasa nak muntah.. rasanye they all just took urine and blood sample kot.. and then put me in a stronger pain killer and i zzz.... i was warded and my younger brother pun ada with me.. 

The next day, i was put on several tests..pastu jumpa 2 specialists.. i pun da xingat da..sbb mula2 is kydney specialist, and then baru gynea kot.. so i mcm2 test kena buat wholeeeee day.. i was in pain and xlarat sgt, brape byk pain killer masuk badan pun i xtau.. bila makan ubat, i da ke tahap lalok sampai muntah..gile la..i cant forget all those feelings.. and rasa mcm all the tests are like forever.. The tests i remembered were ultrascan, kidney xray (minum some chemical liquid and then xray), and then last was MRI.. They couldnt find anything sampai lah the last test which the MRI. mmg scary, you were put in long tube machine..time tu i da mamai, in pain, plus bila baring flat sakit dia mmg xtahan..my back also sakittttt sgt222.. 

*ok take note, bila u sakit belakang, kdg2 it is also a symptom for other penyakit too.. mostly berkaitan dgn lower abdomen part (buah pinggang ke, uterus ke, cyst ke, etc) *

By the time abes tests, it was quite almost malam.. i xde appetite to eat, xlarat, sakit belakang was seriously killing me.. and a few hours kat bilik (my mom da ada at that time), the specialist came and gave the results... it was one of the most depressing thing i have ever received my whole life.. He told me that i was having an ovarian cyst, and it twisted and ruptured. It was big, and estimated the size of a tennis ball and looks like my left ovary was affected, so they had to do a surgery to remove the cyst including my left ovary!! At that time i xtau what the hell is ovarian cyst, yang i tau it's a ketumbuhan.. I cried, and my mom cried.. 

It was the most devastating thing i have ever experienced, rasa mcm ada org cucuk perut and jantung at the same time. And u rasa that vertigo dunia berpusing camtu. I trus pikirkan my future, of getting married and having babies.. Specialist said it's a normal thing for teenagers and young adults.. im like!!! kite pompuan, it's a big thing! Walaupun i can still live with 1 ovary, but my chances mesti la low kan? Nak dpt baby lagi la susah kan.. I tried to calm down and lastly agreed to take it out. Because at that time kite pun xtau the cyst ni malignant or benign cyst (ketumbuhan yang cancerous atau x). Since my left ovary pun rosak, it had to be removed.. 

Sedih kan... T_T
*break jap-tetibe rase sebak*

The next morning, nurse dtg bilik, shave kat ehem (sakit weh, better buat sendri), and then masukkan tiub kat tempat shishi..huwaaaa traumatize sgt2 sbb sakit.. i nangis sbb ye la mane penah kena masuk bende kat situ..huhuu.. On the way to operating theatre tu, i remembered my mom and cousin ada.. i mcm syahdu and super nervous.. sampai theatre room tu, they all baringkan atas meja besi sejuk tu..i was nervous and shaking (i think takut kot but u cant tell that feeling?). Surgeon borak2 sket tanye itu ini, and then i 'fengsan' lepas pakai the anesthesia mask thingy...

"Miss marini wake up..miss wake up"
The first sentence i dengar right after the surgery. Susah nak bukak mata masyallah..terbangun pon sebab terbatuk (kahak terkumpul time anesthesia) and my lower abdomen sakitttttt disebabkan batuk tu.. The nurse ke doctor (xtau), told me ok surgery successfull.. here's your cyst. She showed me 1 balang kaca besar with cyst yang sebesar mineral bottle rm1.50 tu. I replied "wah besarnyee", and then zzz balik.. xsedar pun bila sampai bilik ward..

i was warded for 3-4days xsilap.. struggling to recover from the surgery, sbb dia potong bawah abdomen mcm org buat czer tu. i xleh nak bangun, nak tunduk, nak ape, seriously mcm ape je rasa.. dapat MC sebulan ke 2bulan xingat.. it kinda jeopardize my job gak, cos i was quite baru start keje lepas buat practical..

And so, starting from there my life was different. I felt incomplete.
I had to live with 1 ovary..  At that i was down, and felt 'crippled'.. cacat compared to other lady friends out there.. I had to take medicine to recover and told had to take hormone pills to balance. Although in life we only need 1 ovary (same as lelaki, 1 testicle is enough), but kite x mcm org lain, kite kena usaha lebih. sbb chances tu dah kurang.. One thing je my buat i super risau, is having a baby..i knew it was going to be difficult for me.. T_T

*i tak share ovarian cyst pictures here sbb agak scary*
*I have MRI photos but later la cos i xtau mana i simpan*

To be continued in PART III



Salam Jumaat to all..

As u all know, im preggy now..
Dah 6months now.. Alhamdulillah syukur after 2 years, sape la yg x happy bila dpt good news ni..for me it's the most happiest thing ever.. Anugerah Allah yang terindah sampai yg x terkata..eh tetiba nak sebak masa tulis nie.huhu..

hello babykechikcurtemama.. :) next 3D scan in nov..xsabarnye! :)

So i nak share sikit about my journey of being preggy nie.. cos i ni xmcm ramai2 out there yg normal. tu yg happy n syukur lain macam...lain macam happy dia..after all the years i have gone trough.. Maybe my story boleh juga dijadikan inspiration utk couple2 lain yg masih tgh mencuba.. 
xsalah kan share.. :)

I akan share from the start, based on my condition dari remaja until now.. so u all akan paham my story nie.. kalau panjang sgt i akan buat story in parts (mcm hobby la plak skang suke buat posts in parts..haha)..

During my remaja years, i have no idea i was having any health problem. Seriously xtau..i was quite active during school, sumer sports main.. ye lah kalau da duk skolah asrama, ptg2 lepas prep and solat asar tu kan ada riadah petang kan..so we all akan spend time main sumer sports ikut season.. from tennis, volleyball, pingpong, basketball, hockey..netball je mcm kureng sket.. mcm2 la.. walaupun i x category kurus, tapi im quite active.. 

My period plak i start dalam darjah 5.. tapi time tu xtau so senyap2 je sbb kena skali je. After a long time, masa darjah 6 baru kena balik and time tu da tau sbb kat sekolah ada ajar nak guna pad and sumer2 tu.. from the start my period mmg x teratur, and kite plak mana la tau kan. Bile bgtau parents or siblings, they all ckp xde ape sbb masih muda.. just standby je la pad anywhere.. same goes bile i dah masuk menengah..xpenah period tetap. tapi kalau skali period tu lama kot sampai 7-8hari x abes2.. 

And and all those time, i xpenah ada rasa ape2 symptoms yg unusual.. x penah sakit perut yg melampau ke, sakit menyucuk ke, ape ke..
Kalau ade pun time tu bukan tau..but xpenah ada sakit yg melampau and chronic la..


Ovarian cyst punye symptoms ni jahat actually.. mcm i punye i xde rasa apa2 pon until it happened (ruptured). What i had is symptoms2 tersembunyi yg membuat kite lepas pandang... 

*Unusual hair growth*
ok bulu everywhere. kaki, tangan, kumis, bawah pusat.. bleh la dicategorykan as org utan mcm iklan kedai wax Strip tu..haha..  Yes kat perut bawah tu mcm ada bulu2, xlebat but it's ugly.. T_T so i kena rajinkan diri tweeze it out..
selama ni i ingat im those unlucky ones since my family ada byk mix (antaranye arab and indian).. rupanye sumer tu symptoms ovarian cyst..

*Weight Gain*
I noticed masa form5 i gained weight.. Not to say i ni slim, tapi kenaikan tu nampak laa walaupun active in sports and other curriculum  activities.. pastu start slalu sakit kepala..kulit and muka kusam..and nampak ada that masculine features (i dont know how to explain this..huhu). T_T but ada gak time i loose weight mendadak time blaja kat U, so benda ni main ngan ur weight cos dia kacau ur hormones...

*Hormones Imbalance*
Ok ni pon susah nak detect.. sbb kejap ok kejap x ok. Masa f1 ok la paham la baru baligh kan..so zits tu biasa. F2-F4 skin and all ok je.. masuk F5 mcm tahape..rasa mcm lelaki pon ada. pastu lepas abes skolah, masuk matrix and U, teruk gak.. I think masuk 20s my skin and all cun la..rasa ke arah feminine plak. I though i in late bloomer ke ape kan, baru nak blossom ke ape. i even lost weight and rambut sumer best jee..time tu rasa mcm cun sket hahaa..  I start noticing i slalu ada rasa cucuk2 kat area buah pinggang..i did inform my sister (she's a doctor), she nothing so makan la panadol.. i pon makannn laa panadol je bila rasa cucuk2..

*False Alarm for other penyakit*
Ok kan i start rasa cucuk2 tu, one day i told my mom the cucuk2 is starting to get worse.. my mom pun risau la gak, so we went to SJMC. After buat several tests, they all made a conclusion that i ada batu karang..but very small ones macam pasir2 yang xpatut ada rasa sakit.. but since dorang just buat normal scan,blood test and xray (yang masukkan liquid dlm badan lepas tu buat xray), that is their conclusion. So they all bagi je ubat yg larutkan batu karang tu.. so 1-2 years after that still xtau that i have another serious problem yang akan dtg..

*Bloating tummy*

Ok this part dia kadang2.. kadang2 rasa mcm terlebih vuncits..kadang2 nampak normal..ingatkan normal bloating sbb period ke ape.so kite buat dunno je. pastu i notice when i umur 21-22 i felt mcm ada big bump yg i boleh gerak2 kan..haaa.. ok sounds discusting but that's the fact.. mcm ada 1 bump size tennis ball i boleh gerak2 kan..i though it was our uterus ke ape..cos dia kat tengah2.. and dia kdg2 je bleh buat camtu.. tp tu la time tu bodo kan..

*Family Genetics*

Okay, some doctors will say.. hey pcos and ovarian cyst ni normal, nowadays teenagers and young adults mmg normal to have them..even time pregnant.. well, u yang kena sendri mesti u rasa mcm !@#$#^% kan?? normal u kata?? According to studies, pcos and ovarian cyst ni can happen to anyone.. takde cause or punca from anywhere, not even family. Well, after i da kena and buat analisa sendiri, i notice 1 thing from my family bloodline, which is belah my dad.. most of the ladies (aunties and sisters) sumer jenis berbulu lebat and susah dpt anak..my dad slalu citer but kite xpenah xterpikir yg ada problem kan. Bila i sendiri yg kena, tu buat i terpikir sendri..patut la daddy slalu citer his aunties byk amek anak angkat..even sisters pun sama..dah plak tu masing2 jenis bulu lebat and nampak ada male features. Not just because of our mixed bloodline (arab,indian,afghanistan), it's actually some sort of hormone problem jugak..but dulu2 mana tau kan? 
ok honestly i dunno how my ancestors looks like..but i remember ada la pics camni kat umah atuk2 belah my dad..pic taken from google je nih..

So these are the hidden symptoms i..before i knew i had ovarian cyst. Ni pon sumer i studied and analyze sendiri..

Here pulak the obvious symptoms (taken from the net) that you should take note..

  1. Symptoms of ovarian cysts and tumors include:
    • Pain or bloating in the abdomen.
    • Difficulty urinating, or frequent need to urinate.
    • Dull ache in the lower back.
    • Pain during sexual intercourse.
    • Painful menstruation and abnormal bleeding.
    • Weight gain.
    • Nausea or vomiting.
    • Loss of appetite, feeling full quickly.

kalau ada je symptoms ni and symptoms yg i share atas pleaseeee go for checkup.. Dont take it lightly.. Dont ever ever everrrr.. please go and check..

I wont explain byk pasal ovarian cyst ni, u all boleh je google and read about ovarian cyst. Sini i just share how my experience going through all the years from having ovarian cyst until now having baby.. hehe..

Ok to be continued in PART II , nak gi tapau lunch japss.. daaa~


Tuesday, October 21, 2014

TIPS - Wedding Dont's (PART I)

Aloha bebehs....

Ni sebenarnye da lama nak share.. tapi ntah xtau nape plak xshare..ade je tersimpan kat draft, maybe sbb takde idea kot..haha.. So today dgn rajinnye i da edit and nak share pasal Wedding Donts based on my experience (diri sendiri and family weddings).. ada la kot yg skit2 yg i share tu based on ape yg i nampak kat FB.. I rasa ramai je kot yang da share bende2 camnih and mostly sama je..  Tapi xpe lah i pon nak share gak.. ;p So here's just some tips and self reminders for u all yang bakal melangsungkan wedding tak lama lagi..


1. Dont do last minute preps
tolong tolong tolongggg jgn last minute.. last minute buat baju..last minute carik pelamin..last minute itu ini.. secara xlangsung u menyusahkan diri u and also family u.. plan early, so u have ample time to think and kurangkan stress.. bila da last minute, u kelam kabut, u stress.. from there mcm2 terjadi la.. gaduh ngan family la, ngan tunang la, dpt vendor yg xbest..mcm2 la..

2. Once dah decide on something, PLEASE do not read/open/pandang/bau wedding mags or websites
No no no..JANGAN i tell u! bile u bukak u mula la alamak nak tukar la ni..nak tukar la tu..eh ni lagi cantik..ni lagi murah..u'll spoil everything..just donttttt..!

3. Dont get too excited untik DIY projects 
atau lain kata over ambitious. Buat mana yg termampu atau plan your work tu awal. Kalau rasa mcm xbleh silalah kumpul duit dan beli saje!

4. Fitting sebanyak kali yg boleh
Lantak laa designer nak ckp u ape, janji u puas hati-cos u yang keluar duit kan? Kalau designer ckp busy ke ape, u push jugak request nak dtg untuk fitting. Jangan 1 minggu nak kawen baru la nak fitting bagai, xsempat nak alter woi.. 

5. Test kerusi pelamin sebelum majlis
Seriously u dont wanna end up like me. tgk la pic tu, serious mcm nak lempang diri sendri. I rasa nak bakar je pics ni sbb i was actually struggling to rapatkan kaki. Haa jgn u all mcm, hah xleh rapat kaki sbb peha besar la tu kan.. Hello org besar pon boleh je rapatkan kaki. Masalah nye bile tak test kerusi, u xtau sesuai ke tak utk u. Just imagine like mine, kerusi dah la besar, pastu cushion plak jenis tenggelam ke dalam. So i xdpt nak rapatkan kaki..seriously!! so i terpaksa duduk kedepan sbb xnak tenggelam tapi tu pun buroks sgt. I punye la upset.. my mom kat bawah stage keep giving me signs suruh rapatkan kaki, betul kan kain to pengapit. serious buroksssss sgt.. T_T

6. Do not over accessorize
I mean seriously, cukup la ngan tiara medium size,necklace,earring. simple one. Jangan verangan nak tiara yg besar n tinggi.. sgt OTT and tak kena.. I da nampak few kat fb and im likeeeeee whattt seriouslyyy..?? T_T  dah mcm gypsy wedding la plaks.. huhuu.. maybe MUA/mak andam x berani kowt nak comment pape..

Unless accessory jenis yg traditional sanggul2 tu ok lagi..tu mmg nampak unik and cun sgt..like this one..sukaaa..

7. Do not korbankan ur sleep time before majlis
Pleaseeeeee take note! You need plenty of rest and plenty of sleep (jgn over sleep plak). I think i da penah mentioned this before. Im not saying you should not help around (melampau le kans), but jgn la stay up sampai kul brape and then dpt tido sejam dua je.. Nanti mata lebam merah, muka x bermaya..pakai jampi serapah kat muka pon xkan jadi ape nye.. Walaupon i penah share pasal Naphcon-A tu, but u seriously need sleep and rest. Jgn segan to ask help from relatives and frens, kalau boleh plan awal2 mintak tlg dorang.. ingat tau!

Okay to be continueddd.. :) daaa..


Friday, October 10, 2014


Happy Friday my sweeties..


Ok this part is just basically random things we did masa kat langkawi.. From makan, places we sempat pegi, etc, etc...

hasil dari google, we found this place for 1st day lunch.. nasik campur, ikan bakar, etc.. sedap dan murahhhh.. :)

Kalau x singgah sini tak sah!! hehe..


ok tu jerrrrr yg adeee..
half of other pics dlm hp hubby, tapi hp terendam kat pantai beras basah..
huhuuu xde rezeki T_T

ni meowmeow dari marrybrown Langkawi airport.. cute and manja jekk..selamba lak tu lepak dalam airport..hehe.. :)

Okay bebehs..till then..daaaaa~~