Saturday, November 27, 2010


MeowMeow.... :)

Ok this is a quick one, cos rase mcm agak lama x update..padahal baru je update pasal Elyana's wedding..tehee.. (OH i still cant lupakan bout her wedding, its simply perfect!!my papacat pun suker giler.. :D ) 

Ok bout this pelamin.. i saw dis in FB tadi, n juz had to post it here.. It's unique,different and of course grand.. matching ngan owner dia iaitu ARJUNA CIPTA.. No explanation needed here, they are among the 'big people' in pelamin n wedding industry here in Malaysia.. Not sure who's wedding this is, dats y i xletak under 'REAL WEDDINGS' segment.. So here u go, ARJUNA CIPTA named it as...

*credit photo ARJUNA CIPTA 

The Flying in the seventh skies high

Im loving the 'WINGS' thingy kat tepi tu..! cos me n my meowsayang love symbol heart wings, juz like his bday card i made for him. And to forget, i simply loveee the entrance yg berjurai2 in pic no2 tu.. That'll will be definitely will be in my wedding reception :) But, im not likin the chair though, maybe if white nicer, but then again, people have different taste kan.. Okay till then people..muahmuahkirikanan~

**sorry xtau y tetibe dis part bwh nie sumer word besar..duno how to fixed it T_T


Renee meow

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Real Weddings - Elyana & Khairul (Nikah and Reception) *MORE UPDATES!!*

Meowning all.... :">

What a lovely day to blog..kann??hehe.. Kembali kita ke rancangan favourite 'REAL WEDDINGS BY RENEE MEOW'..;p Okay i know mesti dah ramai dah post about this celeb wedding  kan... but i CANT HELP IT!! her wedding is too beautiful to be left out in my 'REAL WEDDINGS' segment..mmg WAJIB di siarkan walaupun dah beribu2 org post about Elyana's wedding.. I think all of u B2B agree with me kan.. mmg chantek sgt2 ke tahap nanesh and verangan tahap dewadewi..nak keje pun xleh dah nie.. hehehe ;p

Okay, i love everything about her nikah, reception, and all majlis held for her. From her fabulous makeup (kak sai), baju+groom's baju, veil, hantaran, pelamin2, theme colour, etc, etc... The best part is, her wedding planner and designers are among my favourites - HATTA DOLMAT, ARMA, ARI WEDDING,ZERY ZAMRY.. The details are amazing! From her baju until her hantaran and the alas thingy dorang letak dulang2 hantaran tu-siap ade lampu okeee.. ZOMG She's so lucky..! I tgk dari dulu she supports all the local and upcoming FUTURE 'IT' designers, especially Zery Zamry.. :D Dorang ni sumer very2-de-talented!!

My opinion, her wedding xde la buat2 GRAND GILER AYAM OR MEGAH BESAR-BESARAN mcm other celebs.. What i love about her wedding ni was made in a few majlis (3x silap?), and it was made simple,classy and exclusive..mmg chantek jer mata memandang, and everything was made soooo organized and xkelam if all was planned in detail. I like the fact that the venue (Duchess Place) is all lit-up, which makes all the pictures bright aje. The deco's are all light in colour, prasan x? chantek kan? Actually xsangka her wedding will be like this, ingatkan nak wat grand giler ke ape, bila tgk her pics ni, wah same taste lah.. Mmg sumer i likeeee.. Okay, since im in superlove with her wedding, i will post sebanyak pic yg boleh..haha ;p Jom verangannnn....

credit pic : Budiey, Elyana Official FanBlog, Mr Oogley (google), all gossip blogs, Ari Wedding Couture, Arma Wedding, Hatta Dolmat, Zery Zamry, Kak SaidatulNisa, OP Daniel Haikal, Peveyhack, other OPs, B2B blogs yang ada post Elyana's Wedding (phew that's alot) ;p





REVIEW : OVERALL - AWESOME WEDDING!! 10/10 wah siap ada markah.. ;p (nak comment xlarat dah coz it's simply speechless..! Congratz to Elyana n hubby Khairul.. U guys made the perfect choice on your selecting your vendors@sponsors for your wedding .. :)

KAK SAI, ARMA, ARI, HATTA DOLMAT, ZERY ZAMRY, AND OTHERS WHO WERE INVOLVED IN THIS WEDDING-->> I LOVE U ALL..!!! :D (i wish i was a celeb so i can get to know and work with these people..huhu T_T)


Renee meow