Thursday, April 26, 2012



Just a quick one..

Kalau ikutkan i bleh jer call/msg/comment directly to ZIMIE, tapi sajeee jer ter-rajin nak share kat sini kan..hehehehe...

Okay, cik ZIMIE kite kan tgh carik idea for hantaran kan.. read HERE
i pun ter-rajin untuk carik ideas yg best untuk dia.. 
cik ZIMIE kite plan nak buat hantaran with WHITE fresh flowers supaya bleh matching ngan barang2 hantaran yg colour merah...
 I've found a few ideas of white hantaran yg nice, and hopefully ZIMIE have the same taste as mine la yer...cos to me these are beautiful.. ;)



i likey cos it's modern, simple and has that extra pearly thingy yg nampak menarik..!! :)

All of the above is done by

Ada lagi yg i suka...simple and fresh! pakai orchids jer ala2 style Rizalman Ibrahim gitew..

kalau interested bleh la singgah2, i suka style and hantaran2 dorang..
seriously my taste!;)


Yang ni orchids jugak.. (okay im sucker for orchids ;p)
u juz need white box and orchids..hasilnya? simple+modern+exclusive ;)
oh yeah, nak tgk pengantin dia? OMG nak pengsan tgk she's sooooo gorgeous, i had to share her pic here
i have a lesbo crush on her..haha ;p

pic taken HERE

how about mix of white and red flowers? chun jugak tu..

Remember my comment kat post u tue? i ada ckp kalau buat all white n tambah bling2 confirm menyerlah youuuuuu...... sila lihat dibawah ni yer..
 lawa kannn..? suka giler dia letak disco ball bling2 untuk menambah ummph..
pics taken from kak zaifie zainal's sis->
siti zainal 
ZIMIE, i hope these ideas dpt membantu andaaaa.. 
sekian terima kasey ;p daaa~


Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Wait, what? woah woah chill2....

Please dont get me wrong, i'm not revealing angelina jolie's wedding dress lah..heheehe.. It has not been confirmed or shared publicly, but currently there's sooo many posts and stories about Angelina's dress design, suggestions and so on... Alah mcm Prince William+Kate's wedding lah, sumer org excited and mcm2 design kite tgk untuk Kate kan? Skang ni kalau google jer Angelina Jolie's wedding dress, mmg berduyun2 cerita pasal tu..hehe.. I know Angelina's fans are dyingggggg to know all angelina+brad's wedding prep, am i right? Im Angelina's fan, so im super22222 excited with her wedding..!!

So let's talk about her dress...From my point of view, she likes it simple, but with an edge that makes her POP and outstanding from others.. First let's checkout her best outfits worn before on red carpets...

 I love all of them..!! Obviously we can see Angie likes something simple, but has that WOW factor..unlike us Malaysian (red carpet outfits) always the sameeee design over and over again with heavy beadings T_T haish, but im still proud with some of them thou, ada yg sgt222 bagus, n ada yg asyik2 trend tu jer..huhuhu.. Eh tertukar topic plak hehehe.. Ok2 sambung..

 I heard (and read) that Versace is going to design her dress, which is OK for me but my verangan mode would love to see her wearing sumthing different from her usual red carpet looks.. maybe a bit of lace?soft hair? dreamy flowy dress?blingbling details?... And designers maybe in Elie Saab, Reem Acra, Zuhair Murad, Monique Lhuillier, Jenny Pckham, Oscar De la Renta (eh she did wore some of them on awards..hehe).. 

So here some of my favourite looks i wish Angelina Jolie could wear on her wedding day... ;)
*note:my taste may not as the same as others cuma verangan aje*
i dont think Angie would wanna wear puffy gowns.. 
She's more suitable in form fitting, sexy elegant silhouette with gorgeous details.. Also, nak jugak tgk dia pakai dresses with lace, soft details..
mesti gorgeous gilersss...

i've always liked this's shoo prettayyy.... *fluttering eyelashes*
love this eccentric+chic look..
elegant look
simple design with pretty material.. ;) is that veil cute or what..
sexy and gorgeous..!
simple and stunning..! (without the hairpiece).
 i think the lower part is satinsilk? sgt222 luxurious..!
dah selalu tgk kat runways and a bit too common.. but i like it!


How about getting that sexy back? ;) meooow..!! ;)
wait, when i say sexy, i dont mean sexy 18sx or yg menjolok mata..
 i mean sexy 'sexay' lacey backs...kapish? no? okay2 please look at these gorgeoussss sexyback dresses... ;)
 awwww sho cuteee..! and sexay....!

 LOVE the top second pic (heart shape back)
slash the one the right (corset with black ribbon), i totally hate it.. T_T
 OMG so sexayyyyyyy... likey.. :)

Or how about something CHIC? Lately i byk nampak peplum dresses in the net and they're ssooooo cute and chic. And i dont think a lot of brides CAN wear PEPLUM wedding dresses, but for Angelina Jolie im sooo sure she can rock this look.. ;)

FYI : PEPLUM definition for those yang xtau..
pep·lum (p p l m). n. pl. pep·lums. 1. A short overskirt or ruffle attached at the waistline of a jacket, blouse, or dress.
 OMIGOSH this is dress nak pengsan tgk..
 but i like it more without the bolero thingy..
 PEPLUM dress on the right
arrrgghh soo.damn.gorgeous.

Hair, shoes, handbouquet... sorry a bit lazy to type..heheehe.. ;p


 soft bun with bling detail
 soft updos
 my fav..soft updo with lovely flower 

im over with boring celeb handbouquets.. even Princess Kate's handbouquet is quite boring, Angie pleasepleaseplease have a gorgeous and outstanding wedding bouquet like these too compliment your simple+sexay wedding dress.. :D
All of them are gorgeousss.. wish i cud have one for my wedding..huhuu..terlambat sudahhh.. tu la procrastinate aje..wuuuu T_T

Okay that's it for now.. I wish all the best and happiness for them.. and also wish Angie could gain some weight to look sexier..! skang mcm kurus sgt T_T
Anyways, cant wait for their wedding...weee..! :D