Tuesday, August 27, 2013


Meow laydiess..

Petang ini i nak promote biz kawan..heee...

Sesungguhnya all of us need to have one of THESE babies..!! I mean really... for wedding ke,event ke,raya ke,keje ke,duk rumah ke...xkisah la mana2. ianya sgt comfy,slimming and smoothen gitu.. lihat la pic raya kedua ku..hahaaaa....

ok colour baju tu maybe bagi ilusi slim sket but i mmg pakai spanx time ni.. so mmg membantu sbb baju ni kain jersey yg melekat kat badan tu...Ni pic raya kedua kat kampung atok hubbyi. With my cool MIL (pic left-abaikan org blakang tu) and with my meowgagah hubby (pic right)..heee  

lain2 reviews from other clients... 

 Masni bought: Slim Cognito Shape Suit
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 Siti bought: Slim Cognito Mid-thigh Body-suit

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Aloha laydiesss..

*warning-entry sampai mata juling*

Dah alang2 da update blog kan..jom update secara pukal..!! weee.. hehee..
Rindunye kat blog..cian blog i dah berhabuk sgt2.. i received lots of email nape x update and so on.. siap ckp i merajuk ke..hahaa xde la x merajuk pons,just busy at work and biz tu jer.. rase mcm xde ape yg menarik nak share and kemalasan yg melampaauuu..LAZY. lazehh lazeh lazehhhhhhhhh... hahaa.. mcm dulu byk masa nak google sana-sini dan analyze setiap bende esp pasap wedding..skang mcm yarabi nak google atau baca pape pun malam2 before tido..kat office xnyempat woo..huhu..

tapi today sbb byk keje da siap..makanyaaaa i nak share pasal wedding stuffs..hikhikhikhikkk.. *Excited*. sukeeee.. ;p

Ok ni ha nak share..last week before tido i ade la pinning2 kat pinterest kan.. scroll-scroll ternampak ada org pin sumthing from the RUFFLED blog. I think most of u all dah tau kot blog ni.. lotsa inspiration kan??!! And i saw thisssssss... omgomgomg L-O-V-E

nampak tak? those lil geometric 3d table centrepiece thingy... 

moaaaarrrr picsssss..... moaaaar IDEAS and INSPIRATIONSSS... :D

cute geometric cuppies!

OMG LOVE this cake!

That backdrop that pops! 

LOVE the shapes and colours..! it just pops out of the pictures..photogs gonna loveeee this kind of decos...

add gold and bam!..



touch of gold..touch of class... 

geometric shapes inspiration board

not sure what this is but it's cool kan for centrepiece..

hang em! :)

that diamond besi thingy on the middle right pic stole my heart. Mana nak dpt weh?


Tau tak geometric shapes ni dah penah da someone i know buat for her wedding.. it's the uber gorgeous hijabista Aishah Amin..! I attended her wedding (more of delivering her handbouquet ;p). The deco sgt2 insipiring, very simple reception but THE IDEA-me love it..!!! i took lotsa photos but xtau kat mane da sbb dah tukar hp..huhuu.. so terpaksa curik2 dari video and also her fren Namee.. heee ampun...

Gorgeous bride. dah jadi mummy dah pon..congratz dear.. :)

Ok i nak share THE IDEAS during wedding Aishah ni.. dia ada pakai geometric shapes for her photobooth.. it's like monogram thingy.. 

yes, that's Maria Elena.. ;) who doesn't LOVE her! see background tu? i nak tunjuk tu sebenarnye..heheee..

The geometric cube-thingy doorgift.. how cool is this?! i sampai skang simpan dlm kete ok..even my brother pon penah mintak i order from aishah.. but this one is diy so dia xde la amek tempahan.. ;)

The guest table centrepiece.. style kan.. ye lah org archi la katakan.. ;)
KATANYEEE geometric shapes ni akan menjadi wedding trends for 2014.. becos everywhere i see now be it in pinterest, wedding blogs, sumer ckp geometric shapes will be one of 2014 wedding trends. Sooooo goodbye paperfans, goodbye pinwheels, goodbye paperflowers, goodbye chevrons... hello geometric! :D

I know photogs mmg sukaaa wedding2 yang different and unique, and i bet mesti sumer teringin nak amek shot kalau ade yg kat msia buat wedding mcm pics yg kat atas2 tu.. agaknye kat malaysia berani tak nak try wedding with geometric shapes nie? Well i bet no one can guess what's the next trend kankankan??

What do you think? Mind to share? ;)


Monday, August 26, 2013


Meowning and Salam,

Im suppose to post this last week but tak berkesempatan pulak.. but i did shared in my fb on 16th August.. I think ramai dah tau about this sad news.. Ramai jugak yg share kat fb and the news also reported in NST (here)

We lost one talented photographer, a loving daughter and a sweet friend..

AL FATIHAH to Nadia Zahari

It's very sad, because i kenal arwah.. not so personally or rapat la but we did contacted and spoke about weddings and such, we shared about her works, her engagement, flowers and all that. I love her works, dah2 pulak dia gang2 dgn fad manaf sumer tu..huhu besh tol.. First time jumpa masa ada product launching photoshoot with MUA Anna Cherie, Kerry, Aishah, her sister Timah, and arni. Then i saw her Yuyu's wedding, she's like lipas running here and there with Fad Manaf getting the best shots.. Yuyu's photos are awesome :) After that i start contacting her and almost hired her for my wedding but xde rejeki she was booked. but we maintained contacting each other. Orangnye very sweet, beautiful, funny and a very free-spirited person :)

Semoga arwah ditempatkan dalam golongan orang2 yang beriman. My condolences to arwah's family and fiancé. Moga tabah menghadapi ujian dari Nya. Amin

*photos taken from her fb and tumblr*