Monday, July 18, 2011


Heyya all..

How's your monday blues going on? hehe.. today agak peliks i xde monday blues, just a bit stressed cos caught in a jam padahal da kuar umah awal.. huhu T_T

Anyways, back to the title, it's actually nothing got to do wif weddings, it's about my last 3days..wat have been up to and wats happening to me.. i think kat BBF ade yg dah tau my sad situation (thanks so much for ur concern babes-love u all!). Kalau yg tak tau tu, you can refer to my previous post (HERE). Yeah dat day i was really down, i mean reaaaally down..something is wrong with me and i know it is a big thing and could change my future.. 

i am a sick kitty T_T

So the day came (last Friday) and i went to kelana jaya for checkup with mama at 10am. Nama tempat tu Vision Diagnostics Sdn Bhd. Ingatkan hospital or clinic but rupanya it's a medical college (my doc sis dah bgtau but sumhow i forgot). It's a college for budak2 blaja Sonography and Health Science. Dorang ni offer free services to the government clinics and hospital patients (for scan,3d scan,imaging,xray,breast scan,etc) and at the same time provide practical learning for the students.. bagus kan? yang penting FREE.. but of course, it's actually like being a labrat.. haha ;p
The guy who made my scan and all dat was really nice, he's a practical student there and  actually did a great job. his tutor was around to check his works. Sepatutnyer check lower abdomen jer tapi dia check sekali upper abdomen and thyroid glands. I think the whole process took about 3hours, and bila balik lebam2 perut i due to some parts yg kene tekan2 mase scan..byk lemak kot T_T 

When everything's done, i asked them wat's the result? is something wrong wif me?do i have ehem eham? (sorry i wont say it here). He said  YES, but the actual report have to be done and would take around 1month.. WTF one month?!!! terkezut mak, but ye la, bende free kan, plus dorang akan report ke clinic/hospital (government) yg kite gi tu, so phm2 je la why it will take 1month.. i'll be dead then i guess.. T_T 

Ok sambung.. What's my reaction? i cried like a baby..xde la nangis teruk, but nangis la..tried to hold it in but, mmg xthn kot.. sedeh sgt2..da la dulu penah kene, and now kene lagi, wat do u think? if mmg betul i kena and have to remove it, then i will never get the chance to get pregnant and have my own babies. i felt like my life shattered and there's no hope for me. Mama tried to calm me down by going to Baker's cottage and ajak minum hot milo.. Macam2 i pikir tau dgn perasaan sedih n risau tu.. Terpikir gak wat am i suppose to tell my meowsayang's parents? will they be able to accept it? risau gak mcm drama2 tv tu, the in-laws slalunye xsuka menantu yg xleh nak 'produce'.. T_T For me it's better to cancel or call it off (the wedding) rather than kene halau/layan buruk/etcetc bila dah kawen or last2 minute cancel wedding..mesti la lagi kechewa.. huhu.. 

yeah, me and my imagination.. have to stop all this nonsense thinking and slap myself.. *slap head*

Ok xnak tulis panjang2 nanti org confuse and letih bace.. ada lagi story,will continue later.. daaa~


Renee meow


Anonymous said...

Renee, tag u kat GA ni,

Linda Yusoff said...

My dear Renee,

semua akan ok. trust me. kita doa kan yg terbaik. all BBf is there to support u. Smile ok..

btw pernah tgk cerita 3idiot? Hindustan by amirkhan?
if tak pernah. u must watch that movie.

Satu je nak cakap : U LETAK TGN KAT DADA, AND JUST SAID : all is well =)

* terpengaruh cite hindustan. hehe

rara pinkmafia said...

babe jgn ckp mcm tu k.everything will be ok.jgn cancel babe,sume benda dh buat.takkan nk cancel.syg.

Restless Bitch said...

i'm so sorry to read this, everything will be okay dear, my sister had *probably* the same thing, and she's okay now, thank god. And I pray for u the same babe, dun worry everything will be alright k?

UyaRayza said...

dear..b strong k..dont worry..everything gonna b just i tau ur meowgagah loves u not becoz u can produce or not but becoz of u..knape rase ayat mcm belit2 hehehe..dont worry k

cikFM said...

insyaAllah takdek ape2.. i sokong ckp uya tu. meowgagah lov u becoz of u dear.. dont worry k..

zimie said...

renee.sabar byk2 ye.kene tunggu result lg kan?minta kat Dia k. insyaAllah kitorg bbf+blogger sama2 doakan strong k!!

~ NANA ~ said...

dear...hopefully everything is okey yer...plz be strong & i'll pray for u... also have an appointment with specialist next 2 weeks due to that problem :)

LisaLisut said...

renee,hopefully everything is okay...amin.

Renee Meow said...

kasutpink♥tq so muchie dear... :)

puan sri lienda♥aww thanks dear.. *letak tgn kat dada saying all is well*

rara♥mmg sayang dear, but risau la parents dia 'reject' i ke kan.. better cancel awal2 skang dari last2 minute..huhu.. but hopefully everything's gona be ok..

kate♥thanks so much 4ur prayers dear.. :)

uya♥hehe xpe2 ayat2 belit i still can get it.. tq so muchie dear.. :)

cikFM♥huhuhu i know my meowgagah loves me no matter wat.. tq so muchie dear.. :)

zimie♥will try dear..tq sayang! muahs~

nana♥thanks so much nana gojes..huhu takut sgt tau.. u gi specialist mane?anything lemme know too ya.. i'll pray 4u too..:)

lisa♥thanks babe.. ;) *hugs*

cik anis said...

semoga tabah dear!
dugaan dari Allah kan.
Dia uji hamba-Nya ikut kemampuan diri kita. Dia tahu u mampu hadapi dugaan ni. xmo sedih2 tau.

meh peluk sikit.. ;)

lady syaliz said...

renee, apa yang i boleh cakap, u doa banyak2 supaya semua ok, and u sendiri kuat and tenang hati. i paham... its complicated... doa banyak2 supaya berikan yang terbaik utk u..... and i do hope everything gonna b fine ok. stay positive.

Anonymous said...

i have been a silent reader up till now following your wedding planning progress. i am also a final year medical student who insyaallah will be graduating soon,
i understand that you are unwell, but i am not sure of the reason why.
all i can say is trust allah, and trust your doctors, feel free to ask them anything that you wish. you have the right to know what is happening to your body

may i also suggest that you read up regarding the matters you are concerned about. many a times we are worried about the unknown without actually having to go through it.

take care

bamz said...

hi renee..i pray for your health and also for everything to fall into place. Amin.
dugaan strong k

Mawar misswateva said...

doa byk2 insyallah everything will be ok.
be strong.*hugsss*

Hidayati Farhan said...

renee, u gonna be just fine. salah satu dugaan hidup yg awk kena lalui. kite tau bnd tu sgt sensitif sbb kite perempuan kan.

remember, apa yg Allah rancang utk kite semua yg manis2 belaka

stay strong. we pray for u

AnEs said...

renee.. saba ye..jgn fikir yg bukan2.. doa yang baek-baek je byk2 ok.. take care..

~ mizzAmy ~ said...

renee, hope u tabah ok. berdoa byk2 dear, hope ada caranya agar tak perlu nak operate buang semua. hope the result jugak tak seteruk yg dijangka. amin...