Tuesday, July 5, 2011


Meowternoon alls..!! 
Who's getting married in 2012 wave ur hands..!!! yeah..! Detik Indah Photography is organizing a contest for 2012 brides.. wee..!! Lemme explain the rules+regulations+wat not.. *copy+paste*

To mark the launching of our 2012 Wedding & Portrait photography packages, we would love to offer the bride-and-groom-to-be this great contest! The contest is very simple; Tell us about your planned honeymoon destination, your dream post wedding portraiture, and why you want Detik Indah Photography to capture your moments! It is so simple that once you finish reading this, you already have hundreds of ideas in your mind.
We will go to your honeymoon destination and spend a day with you for the post wedding photography session without any charges whatsoever.
Example: You are planning to on a honeymoon vacation at Bali, Indonesia, and you tell us that you’re gonna stay at a private Villa in the forest, and you want your post wedding to be about your love for the nature. Then you tell us you want Detik Indah Photography to capture the moments because you believe we have the right mentality to convey the emotion in a picture. It must be an essay.

This contest is open to every Malaysian Citizen who’re still single of course, and planning to getting married in 2012. Write the story in your blog, personal website, or even Facebook notes and notify us about your entry. We will select the 3 most creative story, and you stand the chance to get the post wedding portraiture at your honeymoon destination worth up to RM1500!
So don’t wait no more, start writing today and let Detik Indah Photography be part of your precious moments!
The contest runs from 1st July until 15th August 2011.

Terms & Conditions

The Contest
Section 1
  • Tell us about your honeymoon destination, your dream post wedding portraiture, and why you want Detik Indah Photography to capture your moments
  • You must insert our hyperlink in your story for people to click
  • Please send us an e-mail to us ( contest@detikindah.com ) informing us of your entry by providing information such as:
-          Full name:
-          Blog address / FB Notes link:
-          Contact number:
-          E-mail:
-          Title of your story:
  • Send as many entry as you like, but 1 COUPLE are entitled to win only 1 prize
  • If we have chosen two stories from two different person, which is in fact a COUPLE, we will select only either 1 entry, and the other entry will be replaced by the next in line
  • The story can be written in Bahasa Malaysia and English only

Section 2
  • This great offer is worth up to RM1500 on normal occasion
  • This offer includes photography, minor editing & compilation in CD/DVD & 1 very nice 16” x 24” canvas print
  • You may also include the post wedding photographs in the existing wedding albums or add-on with a discounted price
  • 1 day ( approx. 6 hours) of post wedding portraiture at your honeymoon destination
-         2 hours morning session
-         2 hours evening session
-         2 hours night session
  • The location of the honeymoon must be within Peninsular Malaysia, including Langkawi, Perhentian, Redang, Pangkor, Tioman. International destination such as Bali, Bandung, Phuket & Krabi are also included.
  • The offer includes the photographer’s fee such as:
    Photography fees
    Transportation fees
    Accommodation fees
    Outstation fees

Section 3
  • The couple’s honeymoon must be in the same year as the wedding
  • The couple must inform the photographer about their honeymoon itinerary, dates and location at least 3 months in advance to prevent dates overlapping with other event
  • If the photographer is unavailable on the honeymoon date, we will substitute with other offer with the same value at the photographer’s discretion
  • We will not be held responsible for any injuries incurred during the photography session which does not directly involves the photographer
  • Any last minute cancellation or change of dates after the agreement has been made will nullify the offer. However, if the postponement to a date that does not affect the photographer’s other event, we may be able to accommodate the time for you
  • This offer is not transferable with money or any other substitute
  • The winner will be judge by Detik Indah Photography team, and the winners are final and cannot be challenged
  • Be as creative as you like, but remember that a long story doesn’t mean it is great, and too straight to the point might take the feel out of the story. So be moderate, stay on point and concentrate on how to convey your emotion in the story.
  • We will publish the top 3 entries in our Facebook fan page and Website, and we will retain the right to use the materials in the future
  • Some of the selected stories will be publish in our Facebook fan page while the competition is running.
  • The winner will be contacted within 2 weeks after the result has been published to claim your prize and for further action
  • Make sure you leave your personal information such as name, contact number & e-mail in your blog, notes, etc. so we may contact you in the future
  • The winners are required to prepare their own props (if any) and bring it to the destination for the photography session later.
  • We reserves the right to change this terms & conditions from time to time without informing the participants beforehand. However, we will publish it once we updated it.
  • This terms are correct at the time of publishing.

2011 brides jgn jealous yer..teeheee.. ;p joking2.. so gals, wat's ur dream post wedding? actually until now xpenah terpikir pun nak post wedding yg camaner... im not sure nak join ke tak, cos i know i wont win, but rezeki mane kita tau kan?? so i might submit my entry a bit later lah..tunggu idea dtg dulu.. or tanya my fiance wat kind of post-wedding pics he wants...kalau xmenang pun xpe kot, cos so far their packages pun ok..harga berpatutan n awesome works.. anywaaays, u have until 15aug, so gudluck ladies..!! :D


Renee meow


UyaRayza said...

same goes with me hehhe..after u bgtau hr tue excited giler5..but bile pegang pen nk tulis trus blank hehe..bunyi cengkerik jer byk waaaa hehehe..kekeringan idea..so maybe anta lambat jugak hehehe..jom join sesame hehe

Qaseh said...

since i bukan lg b2b 2011..
so, leh la i join..yuhuuu... :)

farah fadhil said...

nak join
tp I'm not good with essay :(

zimie said...

dear,i pon terpikir nak join ke tak.maybe di saat akhir kot join.anyway goodluck to all contestant!!;)

NANA said...

jom kite join..tp mcm kering idea..idea..cepatlah datang.!!!

e.t.t.y said...


kaklong said...

cik meowwwwww2...kak long boleh join la yer?? sebab kak long nyer wding 2012...yeah....insyallah kalo ade idea leh la join kan...best3...=)

thks sharing....