Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Real Engagement - Zakwan Hakeem & Lina Azura


Hye future brides.. here i have pics from one of my fav photog (kira dah disenarai for my wedding..hehe ;p). And also got the pics from puan rocker (http://themissbridetobe.blogspot.com) coz her photos xheavy sgt. Yg photog ni punyer website berat sgt makes my pc slow..huhu..

Anyways, why i post this engagement pics? bcos i simply loveee the simplicity, the venue and the pictures..! The event was held at Juempa D’ramo, Bangsar. This place is OHMYGOD so chantekk...masyallah... :) i LOVE how this photog took the pitures and made it into a story.. mcm dreamy jer.. Oh yea, the photog nama dia Bakri Hafiz..visit lah website dia, mmg chantek2 pics dia..! He didnt use so much of editing yg OTT (over-the-top) and all he's very creative taking photos of details.. mcm nak nanesh tgk.. chantekkk....(

Huhu chantek sgt kan.. so pretty n dreamy.. i want photos like this during my solemnization and wedding reception.. boley? :D


Renee meow

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