Monday, October 18, 2010



Got my second BEAUTIFUL BLOGGER AWARD in the same month..! Weee.. :D thanks to dyn (, so nice of u... u really made my day :) muahs!

yeay.. award lagi.. ;)

Syarat-syarat Penerima Award

1) Thanks the person who give you this award
Thanks so muchie ms dyn..!!huggss. :)

2) Link that person at your blogroll
Linked and followed too...all done babey~

3) Spread to 15 blogger which you think awesome:

hurmm this time i bagi yg lain pulak from my 1st award list..xcukup 15..!! sowie..

"you're faaahhhbulouuusss B2B dahhhrrrlinnggggsss." ;)

4) Tell 7 things about yourself:
  • Truly, madly,deeply in LOVE wif my Mr Faqaruddin Abd Rahman, my meowgagah :)
  • LOVE cats.. (that's where i got my nickname MEOW)
  • Artistic (chewah), loves art and everything got to do with Art (drawing, handicrafts)
  • Wedding freak (sgt suka bende2 wedding nih)
  • Im a geek (sgt suka main games -pc and playstation)
  • Part time actress yg xberjaya (haha..saje2 suke2 parttime - i love singing & acting)
  • LOVES to spend time wif meowgagah jalan2 cari makan (n then comment and review tempat makan tu)
  • Seorang yg cool (perasan!) n pendendam (xpandai nak luahkan rasa marah)
  • Clumsy and accident-prone...suke mengsabotagekan diri..huhu T_T
  • Drives a green myvi yg dinamakan KERMIT
  • suke teddybears and all thing cute...
  • Very2 simple gal..sgt jarang pakai accesories (rantai,gelang,etc)
  • jeans+tshirt kinda gal...not brand concious and xkisah pown pakai bag beli kat uptown

Eh ni lebey dari 7 nie.. hehe sajer jer..just to let you guys know about myself.. ;)

ok till then, toodels~


Renee meow

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