Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Salam n hye B2Bs..!

Yeay ada entry lagi.. fuh today mmg post2 byk2 skaligus.. hehe.. mmg mood blogging sgt baik.. hehe.. Ok i nak post about mini pelamin for nikah.. i rase time nikah xperlu pelamin2 yg grand kat umah..my house is not that big pun.. so for me mini pelamin is enough. Colour? OFF WHITE & PASTELS.. oh sgt dreamy and exclusive.. xyah byk2 deco.. juz lots of drapes, chandeliar, and flower arrangements.. and to make more exclusive, tambah la hanging crystals of silver thingys around.. plus, budget cost.. hehe.. this mini pelamin is from ARI WEDDING (http://ariweddingcouture.blogspot.com). I like his work, baju n pelamin sumer nice2. I tried to ask him for quotation but no reply yet.. maybe nak kene bgtau kite ni anak 'nenek' baru ade feedback kowt? but xpe, i'll lay low first.... i'll wait patiently... ;)

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adibahrisha said...

Heart this mini pelamin!