Monday, August 22, 2011


Hi alls,


Ok title atas agak confusing.. cos i pun xtau nak letak title ape for this post cos i akan buat secara pukal. yang i tau i juz wanna share wat's been up in my mind lately (today actually)..hehe.. da byk blogwalking from morning, and a few things caught my eyes and also triggered my semangat untuk DIY project:x....


dari dulu contemplate nak buat ngan tailor biasa or designer...the things i worry :

       a. tailor     = within budget and murah BUT takut ape yang nak x kesampaian n byk probs
       b. designer = mahal and out of budget BUT outcome yg walah

but before i say anything, mmg ade tailor2 yang bagus and recommended kat kl nie.. but, ye ke dorang ni tailor? ntah2 level designer kot? ntah la..confuse not so good in 'categorizing' them. and at the same time, ade gak designers yg byk probs jugak..need i mention here? nah..rase korang tau2 je sape kan..

kalau designers, there's heaps of them.. the 5stars (ZZ, HD, HO, NER, RR), Nurita Harith, Kheme, Arma, Rico Rinaldi, Jovian Mandagie, Aleng Tohara, Sharifah Kirana, Radzwan Radzill, Amir Luqman, Syaiful Baharim, Syomir Izwa, Qudyn, Salikin Sidek, Rizalman Ibrahim (oh kalau la i dpt dress from him i akan pengsan sebulan ;p)..and the list goes on..

I always checkout latest designers collections and works (HERE) . ASH i love ur job..!! ;p Elya pun penah gak buat post about dis matter (HERE) . oh wait, i think most of us does.. T_T but, i guess, kenalah berpijak di bumi yg nyata (wah ayat formal!). honestly i dont have the budget, but xnak lah cheapskate sgt kan..i think voley la spend extra sket for my wedding dress.. i definitely dunwan to face so much trouble/drama/problem with the designer/tailor...huhu.. Ya Allah jauh2kan la...
so far i xde lagi rasa nak survey harga2 from the designers above, cos da bleh agak kot range of price dorang.. and confirm xmampu punye..i better avoid myself getting frustrated.. i wish i could help you all by doing a list but, like i said..dunwan to get myself frustrated.. So now, there's a few places which i THINK i mampu and want to survey and check em out after raya...

 a. Butik Lagenda@Maju Junction
After getting so many reviews from other ex-brides (Sara, Nadya, Yaya, Maneesa) and also brides-to-be missX yuyu and fie, i must checktout this so tempting lah.. :D

b. Mimpi Kita@Bangsar 
i havent seen/heard any B2Bs hiring Mimpi Kita but i dunno why i have that strong feeling nak jugak check them out.. love their dresses on celebs.. plus dekat jer ngan my meowgagah's second home bangsar :D

c. Upcoming and fresh designers
why them? why not? for me yg veteran2 sudah tentu xmampu noks.. why not helping these young+fresh designers adding their portfolios and also 'promote' them? And also, i think they have 'fresh' ideas instead of the same 'signature' looks from the veteran/known designers.. ;)
the list of new talents i found :-
  • Hariz Zakwan
  • Alief Rahman
  • Afiq Mohamed
  • Akmal Ariffin
  • Nazreen Idris
  • uitm students.. alamak bila nak carik xjumpa pulak..kat fb berlambak jer but i cant access FB now so xleh nak letak sini skang.. T_T  *nak tau nape ade nama i strike?pls email me to know more.. tq ;)

    d. Tailor/boutiques/designers@Kajang
    is it just me? or mmg betul kat kajang ada byk butik/tailor yg bagus2? Man Kajang, Kimie Kajang, Zul de classique.. all of them kat kajang kan?ramai giler brides buat baju ngan dorang n i heard their rates pun reasonable and mampu untuk org mcm i nie..

    So okeh, kena set calendar.after raya buat keje2 di atas ok..jgn nak procrastinate renee!

    Yeay! my dream almost came true... well, almost that is.. dulu penah share about transparent canopy for my solemnization  HERE and da siap buat survey pown HERE . ada yg mahal, and ada yg murah.. so far paling murah is basic is rm400, tatapi byk nak kene add on kalau nak fan, fairy lights etc and end up almost rm600 n above.. xberbaloi la plak n thought of mcm nak diy sendri fairylights+fan+chandeliar je..but last week i found this..! thanks to Sheila for sharing.. wee.. rm500 only for complete set..! siap ada fairy lights+fan+chandeliar+chairs+tables+chair covers+runner. seriously worth it.. i called them last friday and will meet them this week to pay deposit... cepat2 promo lasts during this month jer..

    Check out their fb (YSA Wedding & Events) for further info yea.. :D

    As mentioned earlier (wait, did i? o.O) , i dont have a high budget..yes im a budget bride..i repeat, BUDGET BRIDE.. thanks to myself due to no savings (kan nyesal) and very high monthly maintenance (car, cred card, loan, fuel+toll to work). before u say anything, lemme tell u i dont have cred card now, all the hutangs are from my previous relationship which i dont want to story2 here or i will cry, kapish? past is past..T_T all i can say now is Thank Allah i found a good and responsible man who never used me, never mistreated me, never cheated on me,etc,etc..i know my meowgagah will take good care of me.. :)

    ok where was i.. oh yes, DIY pelamin.. oh jgn terkejut im not going to DIY my pelamin reception..xlarat noks.. i MIGHT diy my own pelamin rumah for nikah.. actually mama ckp no need pelamin n all dat, so definitely mama+daddy dunwan to use the 'duit belanja hangus' for mini pelamin kan..sedey kan walaupun i anak bongsu pompuan..huhu T_T Every bride mesti la nak kan?? once in a lifetime mesti la sendri tanggung kan, tatapi fulus pun xde and i'll definitely not going to ask from my meowgagah as i know im not marrying a millionaire or a millionaire's soon..we have to face facts here honey.. so DIY lah maka nye...

    before i decide to DIY my mini pelamin, my selections were Que Rafael, Sher, Bridal Sanctuary, Nurul Arbee and Nuwoo. i like their works. but, nowadays mane2 u survey mini pelamin pown da rm1500. it took me a long time gak but in the end, i decide to DIY. bunga boleh borong and buat sendrik-checked. i only need basic props jer like i posted HERE, and i have found someone (who's going to deliver on the same month of my wedding) who's able to rent me the basic stuffs and also someone to arrange the items for me.. Alhamdulillah.. nak kene double confirm je lepas ni.. anddd, kalau ada budget lebey sket, i though of ordering backdrop macam cik ana farhana punya... something like this.. tgh tunggu dorang reply je email..da resend 2kali da nih.. T_T

    We all are, arent we? *winkwink* ;) My thought- dalam budget2 pun, boleh jugak buat 'NAMPAK' grand.. tul tak? tehee.. i agree on Maneesa. saw her blog post on this matter (HERE) like, 10mins ago during stalking her wedding dress by Oscar. I am totally in LOVE with her wedding (every single thing) and i agree, hers look very grand..and MERIAH+AWESOME.. which i am aiming for.. :) The truth is, i rather spend MORE on my honeymoon later wif my meowgagah..reowWw.. uiks.. meowmeow gatal..haha ;p

    5. OF MUA
    Make up artist for wedding... okeh, yg ni i xleh nak budget.. haha. biar le mini pelamin n others on budget, but makeup? biar spend lebey sket untuk i yg xberapa nak cantek ni.. i know myself ler..i may be cute (as others say-wah perasan!) but i want to look gorgeous+beautiful on my wedding..


    2 MUA down, 1 more to go. Now im totally strucked by this one MUA, which i think u all da tau kot cos i've been asking and yapping around about her in recent post..tgh tunggu missX dptkan contact dia..teehe..kalau her rates are affordable and available on my dates, i'd be so happy..!! for all u know i might swap her with my sanding recep, and MUA sanding tukar ke tandang..hehehe..we'll see..


    Heh mcm poyo je nak ada project:X.. yeah maybe ni ayat readers yg peliks naper i nak nama kan my upcoming DIY project as project:X. haha im so negative minded.. ok kalau la ada org ckp camtu kan, my answer is.. why not? haha baik punye jawapan.. ala, actually saje jer kan..kalau Xora ada misi sulit diraja thingy.. i pun nak la jugak ..haha..arituh da ckp da pasal project:x ni HERE

    i da buat survey where to find some stuffs for my project:x ni... so far most things ada kat jln TAR kedai bunga reben (eh ye ke nama dia tu? lupa da). but i have a few things which i seriously dunno where to find.. da google but asyik2 kuar kat alibaba thingy je.. even da email the companies thru alibaba pun no reply..

    What im looking for
    1. Ostrich feathers (white)
    2. Peacock feathers
    3. old cassettes (naper la dulu2 xsimpan T_T)
    4. fairy lights
    5. vulu2 carpet - white (kedai carpet mmg byk-but where to find the cheapest?)
    6. white umbrellas (i mean totally white-xnak yg parasol tu)

    If u all ada info on these items.. do share ya..? kalau bleh tempat yg paling murah or pemborong...the cheaper, the better..ehhe..

    ok da penat type panjang2, takut u all boring plak bace entry menjela2 camni.. konon mood monday blues, tapi skali post perghh panjang giler.. T_T ok kite sambung later ya.. ok till then babes, TTFN daaa~



    PussyCat said...

    best wishes renee!

    Alia.A said...

    gudluck renee! i'm sure u bleh buat punye! buat research! go bug their life dkt fb. mcm najib salman die rajin layan jwb msg kt fb. hehehe.

    reena said...

    Pasal Mimpi Kita tu samalah kita. I pun macam ada instinct nak check out Mimpi Kita. Survey kat internet macam tak dak plak review b2b buat baju dengan diorang (maybe ada, tapi i je yang tak jumpa). Tapi bila tengok celebs pakai Mimpi Kita nampak cantik kan?

    rara pinkmafia said...

    rini nice sgt dress kat atas tu.

    UyaRayza said...

    wahhh semangatnye renee hehehe..good2..ape project x u siap dgn feather segala tue kn heheh..curious everyone knows yang u sgt kreatif so i tau ur project x mesti cantik heheh..and ur mini pelamin dear hehehe..kalau u DIY pun mungkin after org tgk hasil u tue terus ramai request utk amek khidmat haaaa..mcm mana tue heheh..bukak bridal boutique la pas nie hehe..anyway gud lak dear

    Sfarlina said...

    Renee!! Jum laksanakannya after raya!! I pun!! Yooshhhhh~!! Berusaha!! Btw, suke kucen tengah tergolek kira budget tu.. hahaha!!

    oshinz said...

    bookmark this page dulu. hehehehe. tak sempat bace sampai abes. mimpi kita quote kite dlm 1.5 k camtu. ikut design yang camne kite nak. hehehe.

    amy fahmi said...

    very long entry. tp i baca sampai habis! hehe.
    all the best renee.
    i rasa bout the DIY thing, u mesti boleh buat. mini pelamin is basic and simple je, kan.
    all the best again! :)

    K.I.N.A said...

    suke baca komen pendek2 je xpe kn..;P..gdlak!

    anaztasias nora aira said...

    renee pasti boleh. chayok !!! huhu mmg byk duit guna kan. nora pun bajet gak . biar simple tp menarik :)

    farah fadhil said...

    klu dpt rizalman, I pengsan setahun ok! huhu

    cant wait for ur wedding la
    project X sounds interesting
    x sabarrrrnye nak tgu u reveal. hihi

    Cik Lijah said...

    good research la renee.......all the besh okeyh...!!

    Rilla said...

    Babe, thanks for the info on transparent canopies. Murah sangat ok. So far quote yang paling murang i dapat for 2 sets is 3k. Entri yang menyelamatkan duit, hehe

    Lovely Emy said...

    Renee, thank u for the info pasal transparent canopy tu :D i nak book dorg, thanks to u.! :D

    Fie said...

    wow your list so panjang! good, at least you know what you want :) good luck dear. if you need any help, just email me lah. I akan try my best to tolong :D

    LisaLisut said...

    renee,i takde hak nk komen lebih2 tp kalau u ade intention nk buat dgn Mimpi kita u try baca review Dhiya first.tau kan blog dhiya? huhuhu

    Bake With Love said...


    hv u tried called Aleng Tohara? He's absolutely brilliant when comes to flowy chiffon and perfect execution. fully recommended... and for some reason, some designers don't really hear out b2b ideas, but Aleng does. He don't simply reject our idea but he try to suggest with our shape, skin tone etc. And the best part, he do not condemn ppl on their figure but he nicely suggest to slim down a bit, but not to the point u hv to be cikeding (hiks)... ok, i shud stop now! hehe... so much of Aleng..

    happy hunting & preparing :)

    sarahsayangjiman said...

    hmm so far ada sorang je b2b buat baju kat mimpikita yg sarah tau. ami SPTNKSWTHRT tu. check out:

    oh kheme nyer starting price is rm800

    Maneesa said...

    Hi Renee!
    Oscar he is nice and good :) go and sit and see him.

    Mimpikita , they are good too! (promoting kawan sendiri hehe) but she is , if u looking for something a bit simpler yet sweet Nurul would be able to help and their price are VERY reasonable.
    and Nurul is a very teliti person so dont you worry.
    One of our friends had her to do her nikah baju and the cost of everything simple kurung modern white chiffon silk with heavy beading at shoulder and lengan tangan + veil net with patch beaded lace on top cost less than RM1k.
    But since they are a bit tight on schedule , you might want to check if they are able to take any close to your wedding.
    Do start hantar nk buat baju at least 4 months before k =)

    Enjoy with all the prep!

    Adawiyah A.Halim said...

    Xkisah baca pnjg2 sbb ada pic2 sbgai selingan..i loike..double loike..semoga semuanya berjln seperti yg di angan kn yer cik meow..meow..hehehe

    Cik Hazz said...

    suka your mission on diy mini pelamin. sure blh nyer lah, u tgn creative! ;-)
    i miss those transparent canopy!!! serious, murah dah you dapat tu. =)

    goodluck Renee!!

    Syima Syaz said...

    dear... baju i utk nikah dah siap (erk...cuma kena alter je) n i am fully satisfied with afiq!! serious!!
    murah + dia mmg best!!

    Khairiyah aka Kerry said...

    hehe.bagus details punye explanation...

    iedaurora said...

    gudluck renee all da best! jgn pengsan counting budget nanti...

    Anonymous said...

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