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Heyya meowning my lalings..

happy monday..! haha.. saje je kan mcm ala2 ceria padahal tgh monday blues and kesakitan perut.. T_T

Detik Indah Photography
Ok contest lagi.. remember this entry? (HERE) . Detik Indah Photography is organizing a contest for 2012 brides.. yeay.. i boleh pulak lupa the last entry date is TODAY!! konon nak tunggu idea, but bleh plak sampai lupa kan..omigosh.. u all da submit ke entry korang? cepat2 tau.. ;)

I have posted the regulations and what-not before (HERE) and wont put it here cos agak panjang nak copy paste..huhu..So, are you ready? Ok let's start! :)



 VERANGAN ITU INDAH..betul tak?? u all ada verangan x tentang wedding u all?? I do :)

 If people ask you have a dream wedding? i'll definitely say, YES.
  If people ask you have a wedding dream shoe? i'll definitely say, YES.
  If people ask you have a dream wedding cake? i'll definitely say, YES.
 If people ask you have a dream wedding dress? i'll definitely say, YES. 
 but what if people ask me.. do you have a dream post wedding potraiture? i'll definitely say, NO.

 Why? to be honest, i never thought of having post wedding photos. To me it's not that important, unless the official photographer offers me to have one. But thanks to Detik Indah Photography, now i have my DREAM POST WEDDING POTRAITURE..! If they didnt organize this contest, confirm i mmg xkan terpikir nak buat post wedding pics.. hehe...

So next time when people asks me.. 
do you have a dream post wedding potraiture? i'll answer, YES!! :)

honeymooner's heaven, BALI
Me+my meowgagah are planning to spend our honeymoon...erm..
yep u guessed it, the mystical land of BALI of course..! weee..
Ticket flights were bought last january for only rm130, great deal huh..?
So definitely our post wedding is going to be in BALI..!! *crowd cheer*
Seriously im so excited..!!! xsabar sgt2 nak tunggu next year.. 
Having a post wedding session with Detik Indah Photography in BALI just adds more excitement for us.. :)

How do i want my post wedding potraiture will be? phew this is a hard one. It took me a long time to come out with this idea. it's so crazy, it just might work.. haha ;p
Let me story2 how i want my dream post wedding potraiture will be.. 
hold on to your seats..! :D

1. Take off to bali..weee...

2. Spend time on board with my hubby..maybe main cards or our mini chess/checkers set..
oh bahagianye.. :)

3. Sampai Denpasar Bali Airport..wee..

4. Once all passport,etc,etc are's time to leave airport..! ayuh..

5. Bila nak keluar aje airport, suddenly we have this weird feeling bila nak melangkah menjejak kaki di bumi BALI..

6. Out of no where we had this twilight zone moment (in a good way)

7. we felt like as if we've been sucked in a swirling hole.. 
and went back in time...!!
time after time..from present to past....

 8. DUSH! jatuh atas sawah..aduih sakitnye.. oh my, where are we now sayang?
Looks like we were sent back into the past...our clothes, hair, everything is different..
We became the classic love story icons in bali.
 One of them is the love story between Rama & Shinta..
From there our love story journey begins (post wedding photoshoots)
 saje letak pic ni..cute kan? hehe..
Rama & Shinta

9. Venue will be all over bali, especially the historical places and also the gorgeous panoramic sawah fields in bali to match our 'classic love story' concept.... Our attires will be in traditional bali costumes and classic costumes.. the story is bout their love and keagungan cinta mereka..  settings will be very classic and romantic.. aw~~
Here are some samples..
 oh bahagianyeee...

 Seindah panorama bak lembayung senja
Kala hati dimabuk cinta
Kudibuat smaradahana
Bagai legenda Rama dan Shinta

 10. Bila da berkasih asmara (chewah) kat sumer tempat, sampai2 beach aje, PLING! all went back to normal..we were back to the modern world.. and our love doesnt stop there, we carry on the our love journey happily ever after.. and also more photoshoots of us in bali.. like these..
oh so romanticcc.. i wanttt... :)

 Why what? hehe.. why i want Detik Indah Photography to capture our moments? Well honestly it's because..

1.  Detik Indah Photography is organizing this contest
2. Detik Indah Photography's works are similar to my taste and likings. style dorang tu mmg suka..
3. Detik Indah Photography penah buat of B2B Blogger's pre-wedding shoot (one of them is ZAILA) you can view here for her melayu klasik photoshoot HERE.. terbaik!!
4. bila another B2B recommended, means the photog is good..means Detik Indah Photography is a good choice
5. After checking their gallery, i totally in love how they potray joy and happiness in each photo, and yg penting nampak exclusive gitu...
6. Creative. besides dorang creative to reka dis contest, they're also very creative in photoshoots and designing albums.. xcaya checkout website dorang kay..
7. If i win, i believe Detik Indah Photography boleh menunaikan/merealisasikan my dream post wedding yg agak crazy nie..hehe ;)
8. Lastly.. again,Why? should i explain more? checkout these pics and you know WHY.. ;)
Detik Indah Photography's are awesome..! you can view their works in FB and also HERE

 Ok, i think that's about it.  Here you go, this is how my dream post wedding potraiture will be like-BALI CLASSIC LOVE STORY. Haa, jgn amek yg the whole story where ada org jahat n kecurigaan at the end.. i mean my post wedding potraiture ni ONLY kisah KEAGUNGAN cinta dorang tu.. ;) chewah..

Dear Mr Detik Indah Photography, thanks for this contest and please accept my apology if ada tersilap or terkasar bahasa. If kalah, xpe adat kalah-menang.. kalau menang, alhamdulillah rejeki kahwin. Readers and other B2Bs, cepat2 send your entries..!!!
Rama dan Shinta (feat. Elvi Sukaesih)
oleh: Rhoma Irama

Seandainya engkau menjadi Rama
Tentu engkau menjadi Dewi Shinta
Apakah Rama sayang pada Shinta
Rama sayang Shinta ‘tuk selamanya

Oh Rama...
Oh Shinta...
Rama dan Shinta berkasih-mesra

Bagaimana bila Rahwana membawaku
Pasti Rahwana ‘kan kubinasakan

Tapi Rahwana sakti lagi perkasa
Kesaktianku melebihi dia
Aku takut kau dibunuhnya
Akulah yang membunuhnya

Tapi sayang engkau bukanlah Rama
Juga sayang engkau bukanlah Shinta
Walau kita bukan Rama dan Shinta
Tapi cinta kita seperti mereka

Oh sayang...
Oh sayang...
Kita berdua berkasih-mesra

This song is dedicated to my meowgagah future hubby.. hehe :">



nida-razak said...

renee..wonderful dream for your post wed potraiture..good luck dear.. =)

Cik Zimie said...

renee...i suka yang picca banyak2 pakai baju tradisi bali classic yet unique..goodluck dear!!!

p/s:i dah tak sempat nak i harap sgt2 u menang.hugs!:)

plain jane said...

good idea la renee... good luck. i pun dah tak sempat nak join dah

Renee Meow said...

wah u alls laju da bace my post...i baru post n ada edit a few stuffs sbb pic xleh load.. hehe.. anywayys thanks nida,twin zimie n plain jane.. :D *hugs* sempat kot nak join ni ada sampai malam.. cepat2 ler karang entry.. hehe..

Khalisa Ridzuan said...

omg.coolness.rezki b2b 2012 ni.i br igt nk join tp cannot lah.i 2011.hehe.gudluck renee!

Anonymous said...

Tak hairan kalau u menang renee. Rajinnye buat post camni. Dah nampak usaha tu. gud luck k :)

~Lieza~ said...

wahhh...Renee...u alwaiz come out with creative idea... suker la ngn post u nie... Gudluck dear... =)

amy fahmi said...

renee, it is a very interesting story. best laa. all the best! :))

Cik Hazz said...

wahh, sangaaaaat romantic, like the concept & idea. mmg creative lah. wish you good luck dear!! ;-)

cikFM said...

ya ampun.. sangat menarik renee.. good luck dear.. :)

choclairissa @ intan said...

good luck renee..rajinnye die buat entry..i dh lame x buat enry..busy benar dgn keje :(

Hunny Kitty said... wedding tuh!!!!

hidayah hiddensity said...

good luck dear! best2.. lg best seba hornymoon tix u lebih murah dari I..muahahahaha!

.:shura shushi:. said...

gud luck dear!!BALI HEAVEN..
i nak g saneeeeeeeee :)

lovelyadibah said...

wah!confem leh menang ni!!:)hi renee!!!hehe

Honey Soft Ice Cream said...

renee mmg org yg kretif. ideanya mmg meletup letup. akak sokong renee. teruskan usaha. org yg kretif, kejayaannya besar.

Renee Meow said...

huhu terharu nyer.. thanks alls...u all mmg besh.. sayang korang..!! sayang honey soft ice-cream gak..hehehe.. *hugss*

selagi ada time before wedding, nak try byk2 contest mane tau rejeki kan..aminn.. hehe ;p