Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Meowning lagi...

hi all... harinih i akan post hutang2 i kat org2 yg tag i.... hehe. tadi about 5THINGS kan.. so dis one plak i kene tagged and received STYLISH AWARD from the FABULOUS NADYA & FABULOUS SHAHIRA . Thank you dears..!! erm STYLISH ker i nih?huhuhu T_T


Ze rules..!!
  • to thank those who awarded me
  • to write 7 and few things about me
  • to award it to others to keep the cycle going
  • to inform those recipient(s)
Ok, im not sure im gonna follow exactly the alway, rebel me..haha ;p

❤agak pemalu but once u know me u know lah.. haha ;p
❤lovessss kittycats
❤super in love wif my meowgagah :)
❤loves art, games, weddings stuffs, blogging
❤sepatutnye jadik architect tapi xberjaya in menyesal but happy la wif work skang..yg penting asalkan bekerja n xsusahkan parents..
❤i dont depend on parents like other anak neneks
❤a very simple person, loving, caring, sweet and cute too.. haha.. (perasan)

Ok there u go.. well byk lagi about me, tapi later bila kite sumer jumpa kenal2 face to face baru bleh kenal lagi dalam kan.. hehe.. Ok, im supposed to give this awards to 5selected bloggers, but biase lah i kan rebel xsuka ikut rules..haha.. i will award this to all of u..!!! all of u are fabulous and stylish in ur own way...! muahmuahkirikanan~ love u all...!! :D

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