Wednesday, November 9, 2011



Just a quick one.. remember this post? HERE. yeah i was a bit down at that time (but trying to maintain my cool lah konon..haha ;p) and thanks to all yg bagi support n tried to cheer me up. But among all there's one sweet angel with a kind heart who took a lil bit more initiative to cheer me up, by sending me something very2222 sweet..!! 

YUP she indeed definitely cheered me up.. thank you so much dear, ur so sweet and also a good virtual fren.. hehee.. :">

Apakah yg dia bagi? she knows that i loveee cats..
and she send me these cute kitties..!! by mail okay (i was excited to receive mail when i reached home-mcm zaman skolah2 dulu.. hehe)
if nak tau it's actually like Post-Its..rasa sayang plak nak guna..hehee..

a sweet message from her... :)

 Thanks so much Joanne aka DREAMWEAVER..!! *hugs*
 you alls boleh la checkout her blog, she has sooo many inspirations and ideas to share..

 Oh, there's also another person who made my and
totalllly cheered me up after i posted about HERE.
i mmg terharu gilers and would do anything for this person taw...da la umah pon sama..thanks so much to dis sweet+kind+baikhati+generous+cute person.. hehehe.. ;)
u know who u are..*winkwink*



Zizie Eazie said...

owhhh..baiknya hati org tuu...
so sweet... :)

*Dream Weaver* said...

Glad you liked them babe :)
Happy Thursday.

farhanna said...

nak 1 boelh? heheeh cuteww

amani.. said...

best kan ble ade someone yg bole chillkan kte time kte tgah down sweetla dear..