Friday, December 16, 2011


Meowternoon ladies...!!


Miss me? *perasan* ehehehhee.....sorry lah kinda bz lately and kemalasan yg melampau untuk update blog.. T_T dunno why.. even my DIY projects (PROJECT:X) tergendala smpai skang..huwaaa..tlg bagi semangat yg membara boleh tak? i only have 56days to go and yet masih lepak2, main game, tgk tv... tapi weekend agak bz la jumpa2 vendor2 sbb da buat appointment kan.. One thing je i agak pening skang ni- PELAMIN SANDING.. huuhuhuhu.... T_T Ya Allah permudahkan lah urusan...murahkan lah rezeki ku Ya Allah.. u alls doakan untuk i jugak yer..huhuhu..

Eh terkeluar topic lak... nak citer pasal shoes sebenarnye..hehehe.. yes SHOES..! i know gals loveeeee shoes.. and it's very-de-important on your wedding day, no? kalau u all xagree mmg taww....hmmph~


Okay let's start with my reception shoes..dulu i penah share kat sini (HERE).. mmg gundah gulana and contemplating whether to buy onot.. My feet is not normal mcm you alls kay, so to find a suitable shoe is kinda hard.. But when i found one,i just gotta have it..!
Here's my reception shoes aka glam heels...ececee over plak.. ;p
it's not Stuart Weitzman, Gucci, Prada, Salvatore Ferragamo, Nine West, blabla..
it's VINCCI..!! i loveee it cos it has a high thick heel, looks glamorous, and cheap..! haha jimat itu harus.. ;p Im planning to wear it on my sanding reception, and also for tandang reception.. unless i jumpa another gorgeous heel time hantaran shopping, then different story lah.. ;p

 here it is, yang kiri bukan..hahahaha..saje je... but it's almost like this.. but dont u think both heels dlm pic ni is to die for..!