Tuesday, December 6, 2011


awesome, awesome, awesome..!!!!!

Woohoo..! Went to singapore last weekend aaannnndd it was soo awesome..! haha sgt jakun okeh.. i think it's not a bad thing coz the last time i went to singapore was masa budak2 kot.. the best part of the trip is, Universal Studios la (USS) and shoppinnggg... tp shopping changi je la..haha ;p

nanti i update about USS okay, pic xde, story pun xbest la kan..hehehe.. sape yg xpenah pegi tu, tolong pegii....i tried their new transformers ride, and it was superrrr-awesomeee.. naik 2kali okehhh..hahha.. im such a theme-park sucker.. hehehe.. i mmg suke gilers theme parks n gila dgn crazy rides sumer tu...:D it was damn tiring, cos byk berjalan..but it was worth it.. ;) i know my fiance will be super-jealous kalau i citer kat dia about it.. ;p hehehe..

okay enuf wif the fun, let's talk about serious stuffs..eceh..
here's my wedding updates secara pukal, will post the details later la eh..


1. i have 67days to go.. equivalent to 2months 7 days..weee ;p

2. kain untuk dayang@gadis dulang xbeli lagi..
and havent selected the girls (hish jadik xnie renee??!!)
 sorry gals, be patient ya..

3. i already met my designer for baju sanding.. da finalize design and settle measurement n all stuffs.. weeee cant wait! will share about it later ya..
4. this week nak jumpa pelamin vendors...crossing fingers hoping to find the best+awesome+affordable vendor.. :)

5. my official vendor for OP+OV..emmmmmmmm i think u all dah tau d story kot.. i seriously dunno wat 2say... my meowgagah, xyah nak ckp dia mmg mengamuk giler and the case really affected his trust towards them...i also dont want to risk my big day, sooooo...u guys know lah my decision... will update about this later..

6. oh did i mention i da tempah card? aritu mmg ada gi pameran but most offers xsuit our preference.. so we directly went to the card company at jln brunei.. me+meowgagah chose a simple+elegant design supaya parents n org2 tua xsound..hehhee ;p So now card in process-baru je betulkan 1st draft. maybe lusa will start printing after bayar deposit. hope boleh dpt by end of dec (will share about it later)

7. thinking of diy-ing nikah invitation card...
tgh pikir idea n nak buat camne n bila.... patut x buat eh? im not sure normally people juz invite verbally or bagi card for nikah? o.O

8. cakap pasal diy... my project:x agak tergendala due to no space (rumah tgh renovate), busy, no mood, pure laziness.... T_T

8. bought some stuffs for hantaran from singapore.. bought my Bvlgari perfume and the latest perfume Oh Lola! by Mark Jacobs.. omg i totally love the smell n bottle..! so hantaran for me ada 2perfume.. tamak x? hahahha.. my sis bought Chloe, which i oso liked..but xpe la kawal nafsu..hehehe ;p

9. weekend nak cincin shopping for dear meowgagah.. last 2weeks da pegi survey2..habib punye design-a bit boring but loved the platinum designs. degem-modern designs, i like. others-boring. planning 2go to few shops recommended by my bil dis saturday n checkout d prices and designs..maybe nak custom design je trus senang...

10. weekend nak gi shopping kain for family..and also for gadis2 dulang.. huhuhu hopefully sempat la dorang buat baju..sgt last minute kan..T_T

11. i think i nak follow up my bookings with vendors..or should i wait until next month?? hmmmm....anyone?



oshinz said...

meroyan nak pergi USS!!!!! nggeeeee..

ha kite pun tunggu pasal gadis dulang tu. hehehe. ingatkan sis dah pilih.

|cerita-gadis-ini| said...

renee..u buat report polis ke pasal OP tu??pening pale pk ni...nk g tribunal..tapi tribunal nk register no company..the problem is..si shit tu dah menipu no register company dia..dia guna no orang lain....siot giler

K.I.N.A said...

masa dulu pun kina igt nak diy kad utk nikah..a few utk rapat2 kan..tp xsempat..kalau renee sempat try la buat tau..

wande-ful said...

wah...nak dekat dah ur wedding !
happy preparing dear.
yg penting jgn tension2 ;)
you need to look stress free and glowy on the big day dear ~

Hunny Kitty said...

yg mana leh stlle skang tu settlekan cepat2 dato.....kang takoot last2 minit ada je tak kene

Anonymous said...

meh same2 hack page dia. for those yg knal kawan2 dia buat je pape kt page kawan2 dia. bia kwn2 dia malu then akn desak dia suruh bayar. - nadiahkamil


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Nieza said...

u buat kat kedai apa babe kat jalan brunei tu? LH creative ke? hows the price ok tak? i pun tgh survey2 card skrg nie..

Renee Meow said...

oshinz♥dear u must go..! mmg best okeh.. :D tu la xpilih lagi....uhuhu..but dun worry, u juz get ready yah. *winkwink* ;p

gadis♥haaaa company number tipu??aiishhhhh...xleh jadi nie.. T_T

nadiah♥huhuhu... T_T

g-squared♥tq2..will link u.. ;) all d best..

nieza♥hi cutie.. i xwat kat lh cos a bit costly n mcm xlayan sgt masa i pegi.. i gi kat myone card..dia depan sket dari lh, after lh u masuk lorong 2d left n u akan nmpak kedai merah belah kiri u.. svc ok+murah+designs chantek.. ;) my card is rm0.80 each...n dpt banner.. ;D kalau u order lebih 1k and above u akan dpt kotak+banner..

sayha said...

hai renee..i'm one of your silent reader..ske bc blog b2b..utk persediaan ms dpan..btw i just wanna know which designer did u go to do your baju sanding? Kalu you boleh share lah..heehe..neway gud luck..moga2 segala brjln dgn lancar...thanks

sayha said...

hai renee..i'm one of your silent reader..ske bc blog b2b..utk persediaan ms dpan..btw i just wanna know which designer did u go to do your baju sanding? Kalu you boleh share lah..heehe..neway gud luck..moga2 segala brjln dgn lancar...thanks

anaztasias nora aira said...

gud luck dear !!!

haniyani said...

wow, such an awesome weekend! i nak tgk gambar kat USS please! :D

what happened to your OP+OV? i tak tau cerita, sorry slow sikit. T_T

anyway, i don't think i penah ckp kat you, tapi you ada iras dato' ct la. tapi kadang2 you nampak mcm saerah gak. hihihi no offense. saerah pun comel apa... ;)

mimiehanna said...

owwwhh! memang awesome dapat pi USS. I pun mcm nak bawak family pergi lah tahun depan.
review plis. and picture byk2 yeah?

btw, i blogwalking. nice & imformative blog. keep it up!

ps: I setuju dgn hani, u kalau dok sebelah2 dato ct & saerah ke, mesti org kate ade kaitan tau! >,<