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Mari verangan bebehssss..... sape suke layan TWILIGHT?? here's some sneak peak of Bella + Edward's wedding.. oh suka 4th pic tu.. very-de-dreamy..!! MARI VERANGAN...!!

*copy+paste ajo.. ;p credit Wedding Inspirasi :)


Have you heard? Kristen Stewart’s “Twilight” character Bella Swan’s wedding dress is designed by Carolina Herrera. It was announced through Twilight’s official Twitter and Facebook pages a few days ago. Whether you’re a Twihard or not, we’re sure you’re a wee bit curious about how it’s gonna look like. From what we know it will have an old-fashioned, 1900s vibe with a contemporary twist — in the book Bella’s mother said, “You look like you just stepped out of an Austen movie,” — and it will have sleeves as Twilight author Stephanie Meyer have mentioned. But first, a confirmed sighting of one Edward Cullen in Breaking Dawn, waiting for his bride, in a smart tux complete with white bow tie and vest.
breaking dawn wedding scene edward cullen
Okay, here’s the only image of the Bella Swan’s wedding dress we have at the moment. We can confirm two things — one, it has a fitted bodice and secondly, the gown comes with long sleeves (from this screen capture, the edges of the sleeves look raw/frayed?). Oh, and that is one huge ring on her finger. Bet that bauble will sparkle brighter than Edward in the sun. :p
bella swan wedding dress carolina herrera - long sleeve with  fitted bodice, large ring
Close up picture of Bella’s wedding veil and hair piece dotted with a little something blue. Pretty!
bella swan wedding veil hair piece
Beautiful garden setting for a vampire’s wedding. Love the use of hanging flowers to block the sunshine.
edward cullen bella swan wedding scene
nak camnieeee.... *faint* verangaaaannnnnn...
Isabella Marie Swan &  Edward Anthony Masen Cullen’s wedding invitation card in white + greyish blue. Did you get your invite?
bella swan edward cullen invitation card - Isabella Marie Swan and Edward Anthony Masen Cullen wedding

oh sukaa.. i nak wedding camni voley?? tp xnak la kawen edward.. i want my meowgagah.. hehe.. speaking of which, i baru prasan dis..
sgt sweet lah my meowsayang follow my blog..teehee... normally i je yg saje gelar dia 'meowgagah', tgk2 dia pakai profile nama meowGAGAH.. haha.. ;p 
anyways thanks my feeyonsay meowmeow.. thanks for supporting my blog.. love ya! :D


Renee meow


ms rumet said...

suka tgk twilight gakk..hehe cunnya tpt diorg, last2 nnt bella jdk vampire gk kan..??

kaklong said...

sweet nyer meow2....due2 meow nie...

bukan setakat sweet, tapi uols ni sgt comel tau..kak long hope uols kekal bahgia hga akhir hayat yer..

nnt kawin jgn lupa jemput tau..meow2..tema meow ok tak? hahahah=)

LisaLisut said...

sweet gila hokey.siap pakai nama meow gagah.hahaha.KR i pakai gmail dia pyr profile je.he's a stalker ;p hahaha

renee cpt la move.bosan2 bole lepak.huahuahua

~ NANA ~ said...

dear...u buat camni plzzzz :P

UyaRayza said...

aaa uya ade tgk thriller die hari tueee..nk nangis sgt..tema ala2 forest gitu mentang2 la vampire kn...tekanan x sabar nk tgk movie nie kuar...veil n hair piece...aaaa tak sabar nk tgkkkk hehehe

zimie said...

renee!! nak camni kene pilih tema forest.kat FRIM voley buat.ekeke *folow ayat voley renee* lalala

Renee Meow said...

rumet❤from the likes of it...rasenyer bella akan jadik gak vampire.. :D

kaklong❤hehe kaklong buat i blushing lah.. haha.. tq so much n tq for ur doa *AMIN*. i pon doakan kaklong+partner kekal smpai akhir hayat.. tema xde la kot smpai meowmeow, kang xde org nk dtg wedding i nanti..ehehee ;p


Renee Meow said...

lisa❤atleast ur KR stalker pon dia comment gak kan kat ur posts..hehe.. ah kene tunggu lah next month insyallah i move 2 'safari'....then kite bleh hangout..! :D

nana❤oh i wish boleh..but berangan je la kot... huhu T_T

uya❤aaaa i pown xsabar nk tgk.. :D *highfive to twilight fan* hehe ;p


Renee Meow said...

zimie❤haha voley je pakai 'voley' tu.. ;p oh kat FRIM ade ke pokok2 camtu?? tp kang nyamuk2 plak kan... x vogue la bride camtu...


Cik Hazz said...

alaaala.. comeynyer korang dua ni. sweet! ;-)