Friday, February 18, 2011


Hyeee pretty brides..

Im actually watching BRIDE WARS movie right now.. citer dia mmg besh.. so sambil2 online n watch movie nie, i pun survey2  le other bride+wedding movies yg besh2 so we can share and enjoy together.. Dah blog pun pasal wedding, so mesti la all about weddings kan? haha... ;p 

To those yg bz preparing and planning their weddings. Jgn stress2, stop and relax.. take a break and watch these wedding related movies.. Skang ni bleh je download online or beli dvd kat mane2..hehe.. For all you know these movies can open your could be watching yourself there u know....hehhee ;p

Bride Wars

Muriel's Wedding


My Big Fat Greek Wedding

 Wedding Crashers

My Best Friend’s Wedding

Father of the Bride

The Wedding Singer
 Sumer i suke.. cos i love comedy+romantic flicks..hehe..
OK here's more wedding movies you can checkout...

Wedding Daze
The Wedding Planner
Made of Honor
The Wedding Date
Our Family Wedding
Runaway Bride
The Bachelor
27 Dresses


    miey anna said...

    macam bestttttt je sume cite...wahhh..=)

    karl & syed said...

    hi renee,

    julia robert's my best friend's wedding is my all time fav tau, byk kali tgk pn mmg best...lg satu yg best is jennifer lopez's the wedding planner walau tk suka pelakon lelaki tu (tak nk sebut nama nih)tp sbb kak j-lo ada, i sanggup tgk....tgk dn nt comment ttg cerita tu k..