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Meow lovelies...!

cred: Mr Oogley (google)
 Saje letak dis pic cos sgt dreamy..Ohh lala..! ;)

Tlg abaikan lalats kat my chatbox yg annoying tu yea..dorang penyibuk jer n batuapi, dorang xpikir ke they did a favor to my blog by increasing my pageviews..?hahaha i sukaa ;p Yang about 'mintak izin' tu i rase small matter, i dah direct ngan dia for clarification. I have a strong feeling it's not him, cos ramai b2b letak his beautiful works kat blog n dia xkisah pown? My fren yg keje IT helped me trace IP geng lalats2 nie, so i dunwan to say anything much except for dis "KITE BAKOOOR JEEE...." hahaha (im imagining myself holding a torch) ;p ha skang ni byk kes2 kene bakar.. hahaha jahat gak i nie.. ;p

(owh yg sape2 yg xtau citer tu sile tgk kat fb BBF yea.. malas nk story sini ;p)

kite bakoor jeee... ;p
xjumpa pic hantu kak limah..haha. pakai ni pon jadik lah.. ;p

Anyways, this entry is actually suggested by my future sis-in-law (ahem..segan gak nk sebut word tu ;p) whose a april bride ;) If ur reading dis amy,thanks dear! She suggested y not buat entry about beauty,kecantikan,do n donts, beauty tips n etc.. I was like,haah la betul gak.. xkan nak focus lain2 je n lupa pasal diri sendiri?

Time kawen nanti mesti u nak kulit licin, rambut cantek, perfect body n so on kan?? I tau i bukan sitinurhaliza or lunamaya (Ahem!)..n i tau i mmg xchantek n xjelita..(so lalat2 yg xpasal2 nak kaitkan tuan blog ni ngan chantek ke xchantek ke,lunamaya ke ape, boleh kene bakorr okeh?) TAPI, as a bride, kite kene gak think of our health and beauty gak kan.. xkisah la kite ni cantek atau x...xnak lah nanti time kawen sememeh je org tgk ;p kan?kan?kan??

Selama i hidup ni sebenarnye i dont have any beauty tips n much beauty stuffs to share (actually mmg xreti sgt sumer tuh ;p haha) baru la now tgh survey2 tempat spas,beauty tips n guides untuk di follow. So before i start doing anything on my beauty wedding prep, i will just list down wat should a bride do before her wedding..i got dis beauty prep calendar @ signature weddings mase googling. i think this is quite useful for people like me yg clueless about beauty prep ;)
NOTE-i blom start lagi okay (hahaha gelak sorang tepuk dahi)..

*credit to signature weddings (copy+paste ajeh voley?) ;p

cred pic: Mr Oogley (google)

A 6-month countdown to looking stunning on your wedding day :)

Amidst the hustle and bustle (and stress) of getting ready for your big day, you will also have to pay attention to your skin, hair and body. While some lucky brides are blessed with flawless skin and silky hair, most of us need time to enhance our beauty for this very special, once-in-a-lifetime occasion.

You might think you would need to start prepping yourself at least a year prior to the wedding, but we believe that you can do it in half the time! Here is a thoughtfully-prepared ‘Pre-Wedding Prep Calendar’ to help you achieve that clear glowing skin, shiny gorgeous tresses and lean limbs. Follow this schedule for a fabulous, beautiful you as you confidently walk down the aisle to the man of your dreams.

(Ohh sooo agreeeeee :) if we start prepping at least a year prior to the wedding, kite akan buat bende ni as habit n secara xlangsung kite akan amalkan even after dah kawen..lepas kawen pon kene jage gak kan...;) so let's start prepping...! :D )

6 Months Before
One common problem many women share that can be avoided is over-tweezing of the eyebrows. Allow your brows enough time to grow to correct any previous eyebrow-tweezing mistakes before making an appointment with your eyebrow-shaping guru or makeup artist to shape your brows according to your bone structure and facial shape. Properly-shaped eyebrows will add much dimension to your face,  not to mention make you look fabulous in your wedding photos.
(Ingat tue..jgn over tweeze ur eyebrows jadi satu line, jgn tweeze mcm bentuk U mcm clown..jgn overdo ur brows mcm DRAG..tweeze bersih2 sket2 je.. and no UNIBROWS PLEASE.. T_T)
 NO T_T                                YES ^_^

According to dermatologists, some of the biggest skin problems faced by brides are breakouts, dull complexions as well as sun damage and hyper-pigmentation around the face and chest areas. Brides may choose to try a monthly alpha-beta peel to reduce the appearance of enlarged pores, scars, fine lines and rosacea (facial redness). We highly recommend that you obtain professional advice or visit a dermatologist before proceeding with any peels, facials or treatments.
(okeh i dunno wats Alpha Beta Peel, but kalau bleh jgn buat dlm mase terdekat wif ur wedding date..biarlah buat awal2, nanti time wedding muka merah2 n mengelupas..ewww. I think untuk kite asians we can try other methods instead yg xinvolve peeling)

If you already have a hairstyle in mind for your wedding, take extra measures to ensure that you hair is healthy and shiny by using simple products to enhance the beauty of your hair. If you are clueless about what you want to do with your hair, consult your hairstylist for recommendations for a style that will complement the shape of your face. Start experimenting with new colours or cuts now so that you will have time to grow out your hair for the style you want. Choose your hairstyle carefully so you don’t look back at your wedding photos 10 or 20 years down the road and wonder what you were thinking!
(i heard before kawen d best is jgn shampoo ur hair, so next day MUA or makandam senang nak buat ke? ntah ler..i x expert ;p)

Stay in shape by working out at least four hours a week. However, if you truly want to get into shape, do consider engaging a personal trainer. You may also supplement your workout regime with thrice-weekly pilates or yoga sessions for a long, lean physique, a relaxed mind and body and improved posture. Besides working out, a personalized diet plan is also recommended. Start paying close attention to your nutrition; you are what you eat!
(Ahem!!!NOTE TO SELF!!! T_T)

Stress buster
Begin a stress buster regimen. Reserve at least one night a week for some non-wedding fun or for a little quiet time to regroup. Grab coffee with a friend or spend some quiet time to read, watch a movie or catch up on your hobbies. Yoga and pilates can also help relieve stress and relax the mind.
(bleh ker camnie?rasenyer 2-3hari sblum wedding tu la kite bz giler ayam to make sure everything's in order kan?... but of course, the best is not to do anything and rest, mintak tlg family n friends if can.. ;) )

3-4 Months Before
Hair removal
Hair removal of the upper lip and chin is another aspect that brides should take note of. It would be horrific if your wedding photos revealed a moustache and the makings of a goatee (on you and not your groom). If you are considering laser hair removal treatment, now would be a good time to start. Seek professional advice before undergoing this process that takes approximately 4-6 sessions, with two weeks between each treatment. However, the total number of sessions needed is dependent on your skin and hair type.
(Ewww avoid mustache lip yg mcm sinetron indon tu okeeeh..!)

Makeup and hair styling
This is the time to decide on your makeup artist and hair stylist and book him/her for your wedding. It is always advisable to make bookings in advance to avoid disappointment.
(i think dis one sumer da la awal2 sblum dirampas oleh bride lain.. ;p)

2 months before

You may already have acquired the perfect shape for your eyebrows four months ago but remember that eyebrow hairs do grow. This is the time to follow up on with your eyebrow-grooming guru to ensure the shape stays. If you have not had them shaped four months ago now is the time to have those virgin brows shaped.
(Remember! no 1 line eyebrow!!no unibrow!!no dragqueen look! sometimes dragqueen pon bleh lagi chantek ok?)

Hair Removal – Face and body

No matter how beautiful your wedding gown is, the glimpse of excessive hair in certain areas is a really big turn off. Some options for face and body hair removal are waxing and threading. However, we recommend that you visit a professional for this task as doing it yourself may not be as effective.
(for hairy gal (Ahem!!aish terasa lagik!) sila pegi ke saloon for threading/wax utk buang segala2nye..lagi2 kat area tgn n kaki.. i xsuke bile org tgk tgn kite yg ade bulu2 ni mula la org ckp kite ni jenis kuat ehem2.. haippp ;p ahahhahaha ;p )

A healthy, bronze glow can look exquisite, especially with your beautiful wedding gown. However, it is not wise to go sun tanning as your big day approaches. Instead of baking under the sun and getting uneven tones, or worse, a tragic  sunburn, pay a visit to the professionals who will not only do their magic on areas that need a tan but will also exfoliate and nourish your skin for a truly healthy glow.
(Okeh kite kat msia beza sket.. we dont need tanning.. we need brightening..!! :D )

Start hair conditioning treatments weekly or bi-weekly for shiny, healthy and bouncy hair.
(vidal sassoon gitu..)

Makeup and Hair Styling

Set-up appointments with your make-up artist and hairstylist for a trial run. Do remember to bring your veil or hair ornaments to your hairstylist. It is also a good idea to bring along accessories that you intend to use for your wedding so you have an idea of how you will look on that day.
(trial itu PENTING!!! jgn la time wedding tu la baru tau nak style makeup camner, u'll never know dat style u wanted is not suitable for u?bile org mengata kang nanges terperap dlm bilik tekup muka kat bantal.. eh lebey plak..haha sowy ;p )

1 Month Before

Dental care
Dentists advise brides to get porcelain veneers and add-on ceramics to fill the gaps in their teeth a month in advance before their wedding for a beautiful, confident smile – which they will be doing a lot of on their wedding day. Getting your teeth cleaned and whitened is also recommended. You should also cut down on coffee and tea so your teeth are not stained.
(Aha dis is good.. sape2 rase gigi dia kurang chantek, advisable pegi dentist.. rase i pon nak ler gi nanti..xde la nyesal bile tgk wedding pics..hehe ;) NOTE TO SELF-carik dentist murah T_T )

Pamper your skin by exfoliating at least twice a week and moisturizing after each shower for soft, silky skin. Remember also to eat more nutritious and healthy food and increase your intake of fruits and vegetables. Stay away from oily or fatty foods to avoid pimple outbreaks and a sudden spike in weight. Drink lots of water and stay hydrated at all times.
(Dats wat SPAS are for.hehe.. kene rajin gi spa for scrub, brightening,urut2,etc,etc..... xpenah pegi lagi nie.. NOTE TO SELF-carik spas yg bagos n murah, start pegi awal2 if can )
Visit your hairstylist for a trim or a touch-up for your hair colour or highlights.
(Untuk kite xperlu kot..simpan rambut panjang n kalau bleh jgn dye colour terang2.. sgt weird okeh.. i think mahogany brown is the nicest and brightest u can go.. ;) )

1 Week Before (VERY2 CRUCIAL..!)
A final round of touch ups:

   1. Eyebrows – Grooming your eyebrows that includes shaping and trimming.
   2. Facial and body hair – A quick visit to the beauty salon for threading or a wax is recommended.
   3. Dental care – This can involve cleaning, scaling or bleaching if needed.
   4. Skin – Get a facial but refrain from any heavy facials with extractions. Opt instead for hydrating and relaxing treatments.
   5. Body and mind – Luxuriate and relax with a spa treatment with body scrubs and full body massages.

1-2 Days Before

Manicure and pedicure
The last six months has been so hectic, it’s time to pamper your hands and feet at your favourite nail salon. While it is fun to play with colours and nail art, do remember that the colour of your nail polish needs to match or complement your wedding gown. A classic French manicure and pedicure are a safe bet that suits every bride.
(Mani & Pedi & Inai of course. NOTE TO SELF-carik inai/henna expert yg chantek n murah ;p god im so cheapskate,sume nak murah.. ;p )

Remember to drink lots of water keep you and your skin hydrated.
(jgn drink water smpai kembong perut sudey ;p)

Ok tu jer yg i ade..I rase byk lagi kot beauty preps kene wat before ur wedding day, but this is only a general beauty calendar to guide us. Now i need to continue to find the best beauty tips for u all.. ok tcare dahlings.. daa~


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