Sunday, November 14, 2010



Hye all... so what have u guys been up to this weekend? Mesti yg soon-to-be brides (date terdekat) tgh busy preparing, and yg lambat lagi tu sedang verangan kan? hehehehe... ;p 

This entry is not gonna be a wedding-related entry. Few days back sempat wat entry untuk contest "Foto By Razali : Wedding Photography Giveaway contest" jer..yelah nak menang kan *hoping*.. hehe ;p  Actually im kinda busy this week at work, keje byk giler ayam..huhu.. and also busy doing some DIY projects...

1. My eldest sister buat Majlis Aqiqah + Potong Jambul for my niece Alisya Nur on 20th Nov. Im in charge of CANDY BUFFET@DESSERT TABLE.. yeay xsabarnye.. so many ideas but budget a bit low.. T_T So got a few things yang nak DIY.. especially the deco part.. wish i could do the buaian deco and other decos but my sis is getting help from her wedding planner sis-in-law.. This weekend nak itut my sis shopping some stuffs..yeay nak beli stuffs for the DIY project... weee... We'll see what's the outcome.. ;) 

hurmm nak wat camni ker? ala wedding style candy buffet,OR...

 like this? kiddy style candy buffet....cutekan?

2. Another DIY project.. a DIY project of something for someone.. jengjengjeng..  im bz doing it during my free-time and worktime (curik2 buat mase boss xde)..haha ;p Something tu secret tauu.. It's very-very special.. apakah? Ahaa i'll reveal it soon.. Dis special DIY project ni will be given to the Hamba Allah xlama lagi.. weee xsabarnyeee... :D

 sneak peek of DIY project.. ;)

So no wedding-related entries at the moment...bila dah settle yg sumer ni baru bleh start verangan balik n post stuffs about weddings.. hehe.. Ok till then girls, daaa~


K.I.N.A said...

wah..ape kah ituu...

Durruz said...


besh. pasni leh bisnes plak. heehee!

Renee Meow said...

KINA : will let u know soon..! hehe :)

Durruz : insyallah.. mmg berminat nak wat business mcm a few ex-b2b.. :)