Friday, November 12, 2010

Foto By Razali : Wedding Photography Giveaway Contest

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Foto By Razali : Wedding Photography Giveaway contest

click banner for more details of Mr Razali of HEROES PHOTOWORK

source: Foto By Razali –
so cute kan? i heart this pic..♥

Salam hye all and Mr Razali.... This is my first ever contest entry since i start this wedding blog. I only notice about this contest after a few B2B (bride-to-be) bloggers start posting about this. At first i was like "alaaah malas la contest2 nie..." thinking it was kinda like a blog award or blog contest which normally will go around and around in a circle. but terdetik juga hati nak checkout jugak.. I was a bit curious and so i tried to find out what's all the hype about. Oh, a WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHY GIVEAWAY CONTEST? hmmmm interesting... CONTEST EXPIRES 31DEC2010? hmmm interesting (sempat lagi nak join)... VALUE OF WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHY GIVEAWAY-RM2011? hmmMMmmmm VERY-VERY INTERESTING.....!!! (nak JOIN..!)
So today im sending and posting my contest entry, hoping i might a have a chance of winning. Im not as popular like other girls, dorang confirm ada ramai org nak sponsor or got photog frens/relatives yg sudi sponsor. But my wedding, all cost will be from me n my meowsayang, unlike others yg di support by parents ( sedey T_T ) So this is kind of a BONUS if we win this.. We still haven't confirmed our wedding date, so far us and both parents like 11.11.11, but all decision can only be made after that his sis's April wedding. So chances maybe yes, if not maybe 2012. Oh yeah, plus i saw Mr Razali's blog there's only 10 entries at the moment.. so chances are quite big..haha ;p If i win this great deal, to make it clear, here are my details :-

DATE     : 11.11.11 (KIV)
             (travel expenses will be covered) *wink*wink* ;p

I wish i could put more pics, sbb sgt byk yg chantek2..but can choose 1 only....
Ok, WHY i chose the pic above, and WHY i like Mr Razali's work.. It's because :-
a) To win this Wedding Photography Giveaway contest.. sape taknak menang kan? the winner gets a whole package..! YES a whole meal deal as Mr Razali said.. so i want too, with extra french fries and large coke.. ;p hehe kidding.. (okaaaaayy too honest-sorry)

b) It's SUPER-CUTE...!

c) I bet this pic is after solemnization, so they are celebrating happily and Mr Razali successfully captured the moments and essence of joy and happiness of the cute couple (shooo schweeet *twinkling sparkly eyes*)

d) Creative - yeah even curtains can make a great creative is that? Normal people like me dont have that kind of ideas..

f) I simply love photos which creates a story... It links to one another, although ur at a different place. I browsed thru all Mr Razali's photos and he has that skill to make all photos into a story.. i love it..!! :)

e)There are dozens of photos including pre-wedding and post-wedding to choose from in Mr Razali's FB (byk giler yg chantek2-love them).. Mmg Mr Razali's work mmg chantek. The part i  love most is the solemnization@nikah, the most important part of ur life.. I want it to be fun and memorable so in the future my kids and grandkids will say "wah mama n papa dulu cool la ada wedding pics camnie.. sape ek yg amek pic tu mama?" 

f) Memorable - Argh, i will remember dis couple until forever..!! why? because this pic is memorable thanks to Mr Razali ;) See, i want mine to be like that too-MEMORABLE. Nak tiru nanti voley? hehe...

So here there you go Mr Razali, sorry i dont have any pantun2, song lyrics or bogus words to capture your heart. Previously i did posted about photogs i like in my blog, and i kept their profiles and contacts in my wedding folder and pendrive. So after finding out about you, yup you'll be in my list too.. Your work is great, and kena la support org batu pahat (my mom's birthplace) hehe.. ;p Like u said, if i dont win, i can still book you. ;) yup ur absolutely right. If i win, Alhamdullilah syukur nikmat  Malaysia maju rakyat selamat, kurang cost belanja kawen. Thanks for your time reading my very-de-long entry..huhu T_T


Razali said...


I've just got home from KL. Sangat penat. But I noticed your blog post when I was at Ikea pukul 6 tadi kot. Excited to read, but time frame terlalu padat. So I rush home, checking emails & now your blog. Tooks me quite a few minutes to finished reading it. Hilang penat....

I'm really enjoy reading your post and your personal blog. Kesungguhan nak kawen tu terserlah! I really love to photography passionate brides who giving full commitment coz I'm sure I will get great result!

Reen Tart Nenas said...

tahun depan tu tak lama dah :) dah boleh start survey ape yg patut :)

Renee Meow said...

Mr Razali : yeay thanks for reading my entry :) Glad u enjoyed it.. thanks so muchieeee.. :D


Renee Meow said...

Reen Tart Nenas : rase mcm lama lagi..huhu T_T ade sket2 survey dah wat.... ;) thanks dear for ur comment.. i followed n linked ya... daa~


Cik Belle said...

good luck! =)

Renee Meow said...

Cik Belle : thanks dear..! :D


Razali said...

oh anyway dear, the contest ends 31st Dec 2010 not 2011 lah. And wedding for this year only. Hope you read carefully. Hehe.. Good luck!

Renee Meow said...

Mr Razali : owh sorry typo error..! will fix it asap.. ;p sorry ya. hope my 11.11.11 will come true, or earlier the better..if 2012 melepas pulak, n then kene pegang title andartu plak kan.. haha joking.. Anyway thanks yaaa Mr Razali :)