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Cont from last post about my preggy journey.. click HERE

Ok from my last post, i shared my teenage life before i dpt tau i ada ovarian cyst.. now i will share my experience dealing with the ovarian cyst..

*WARNING - super long entry mcm novel*

wah bunyik mcm movie laks..hehe ;p
This is based on what i remembered la yer, so some details maybe missing la sket kot..hehe.. 

It happened so fast.. I was 23 years old and time tu kan tgh 'blossom' kan. baru nak rasa mcm cun..time tu semangat exercise everyday..every petang i akan exercise buat aerobic dance sorang2 atau main skipping. So one fine day, i was skipping macam biasa..dinner..and then malam it started..i start rasa sakit perut melampau2... mcm sakit nak ceri beri.. mula2 memulas2 time tido, so kite mcm tahan, pusing sana, pusing sini..masih sakit.. So pegi toilet sejam and yet nothing comes out.. i try makan ubat sakit perut (x silap gripe water), still nothing.. 

it was so painful xtahan was almost midnight kot xsilap.. Since my parents xde time tu (they all stayed in KB sbb my dad keje there), i told both my elder and younger brother about it and trus we all pegi 24hours clinic. There the doctor checked, and also buat ultrascan..he said nampak mcm 'white mass' kat belah kiri lower abdomen. but he cant tell what it is. so he gave painkiller and advised to go to hospital first thing in the morning. My elder brother time tu agak annoying la he x abes2 tanye i ni pregnant ke.. im like !!! wrong timing sungguh la hishh..

so balik rumah, i makan painkiller and tried to sleep.. after 1 hour, pain tu kejap je hilang, and then start balik the excruciating pain.. and i started muntah2, all ubat keluar balik.. i xtahan, i told my elder brother i nak gi hospital..but he was so sleepy, so i decided to drive myself to younger brother followed, and he actually drove the car halfway to hospital (he kecik lagi time tu, f1 ke f2 xsilap-nasib la we all nie start blaja drive masa teenager lagi). I decided to go to SJMC, sbb tu je hospital yg my family slalu pegi and i also already have record there. So from Kota Dsara all the way pegi SJMC (thank you for NKVE!)

Sampai2 SJMC, masuk emergency dulu.. they all just did a external checkup, check gitu2 je sbb awal2 pagi kan xde specialist rasenye.. i told them im having super pain and i xleh lie flat.. rasa nak muntah.. rasanye they all just took urine and blood sample kot.. and then put me in a stronger pain killer and i zzz.... i was warded and my younger brother pun ada with me.. 

The next day, i was put on several tests..pastu jumpa 2 specialists.. i pun da xingat da..sbb mula2 is kydney specialist, and then baru gynea kot.. so i mcm2 test kena buat wholeeeee day.. i was in pain and xlarat sgt, brape byk pain killer masuk badan pun i xtau.. bila makan ubat, i da ke tahap lalok sampai muntah..gile la..i cant forget all those feelings.. and rasa mcm all the tests are like forever.. The tests i remembered were ultrascan, kidney xray (minum some chemical liquid and then xray), and then last was MRI.. They couldnt find anything sampai lah the last test which the MRI. mmg scary, you were put in long tube machine..time tu i da mamai, in pain, plus bila baring flat sakit dia mmg back also sakittttt sgt222.. 

*ok take note, bila u sakit belakang, kdg2 it is also a symptom for other penyakit too.. mostly berkaitan dgn lower abdomen part (buah pinggang ke, uterus ke, cyst ke, etc) *

By the time abes tests, it was quite almost malam.. i xde appetite to eat, xlarat, sakit belakang was seriously killing me.. and a few hours kat bilik (my mom da ada at that time), the specialist came and gave the results... it was one of the most depressing thing i have ever received my whole life.. He told me that i was having an ovarian cyst, and it twisted and ruptured. It was big, and estimated the size of a tennis ball and looks like my left ovary was affected, so they had to do a surgery to remove the cyst including my left ovary!! At that time i xtau what the hell is ovarian cyst, yang i tau it's a ketumbuhan.. I cried, and my mom cried.. 

It was the most devastating thing i have ever experienced, rasa mcm ada org cucuk perut and jantung at the same time. And u rasa that vertigo dunia berpusing camtu. I trus pikirkan my future, of getting married and having babies.. Specialist said it's a normal thing for teenagers and young adults.. im like!!! kite pompuan, it's a big thing! Walaupun i can still live with 1 ovary, but my chances mesti la low kan? Nak dpt baby lagi la susah kan.. I tried to calm down and lastly agreed to take it out. Because at that time kite pun xtau the cyst ni malignant or benign cyst (ketumbuhan yang cancerous atau x). Since my left ovary pun rosak, it had to be removed.. 

Sedih kan... T_T
*break jap-tetibe rase sebak*

The next morning, nurse dtg bilik, shave kat ehem (sakit weh, better buat sendri), and then masukkan tiub kat tempat shishi..huwaaaa traumatize sgt2 sbb sakit.. i nangis sbb ye la mane penah kena masuk bende kat situ..huhuu.. On the way to operating theatre tu, i remembered my mom and cousin ada.. i mcm syahdu and super nervous.. sampai theatre room tu, they all baringkan atas meja besi sejuk tu..i was nervous and shaking (i think takut kot but u cant tell that feeling?). Surgeon borak2 sket tanye itu ini, and then i 'fengsan' lepas pakai the anesthesia mask thingy...

"Miss marini wake up..miss wake up"
The first sentence i dengar right after the surgery. Susah nak bukak mata masyallah..terbangun pon sebab terbatuk (kahak terkumpul time anesthesia) and my lower abdomen sakitttttt disebabkan batuk tu.. The nurse ke doctor (xtau), told me ok surgery successfull.. here's your cyst. She showed me 1 balang kaca besar with cyst yang sebesar mineral bottle rm1.50 tu. I replied "wah besarnyee", and then zzz balik.. xsedar pun bila sampai bilik ward..

i was warded for 3-4days xsilap.. struggling to recover from the surgery, sbb dia potong bawah abdomen mcm org buat czer tu. i xleh nak bangun, nak tunduk, nak ape, seriously mcm ape je rasa.. dapat MC sebulan ke 2bulan xingat.. it kinda jeopardize my job gak, cos i was quite baru start keje lepas buat practical..

And so, starting from there my life was different. I felt incomplete.
I had to live with 1 ovary..  At that i was down, and felt 'crippled'.. cacat compared to other lady friends out there.. I had to take medicine to recover and told had to take hormone pills to balance. Although in life we only need 1 ovary (same as lelaki, 1 testicle is enough), but kite x mcm org lain, kite kena usaha lebih. sbb chances tu dah kurang.. One thing je my buat i super risau, is having a baby..i knew it was going to be difficult for me.. T_T

*i tak share ovarian cyst pictures here sbb agak scary*
*I have MRI photos but later la cos i xtau mana i simpan*

To be continued in PART III



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Walaupon u ada satu ja ovary u tetap sempurna :) .. now Allah dah bg u rezeki ada baby .. kira u tetap boleh peknen so don't worry .. take care dear :*

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