Friday, March 14, 2014


Some teasers of our Langkawi trip..

As first timer pegi Langkawi, all i can say is... AWESOME!!

We're planning to go there again..cant wait yay! :)

Free2 nanti i review one by one eh..maybe by parts sbb mcm byk je.. :)

Haruslah pic bilik dulu..hahaaaaaaa *dush*



S. Faezah said...

hotel mane ni renee?
comel sgt love atas katil tu :D

mrs hafs said...

boleh tak share the place hotel and cangle light dinner tu reene :)

Renee Meow said...

S.faezah : comey gile kan..sayang nak baring..haha.. ni kat resort's world langkawi (awana porto malai)

Mrs Hafs : ni Resort's World Langkawi (awana porto malai) ..mmg best and berbaloi gile pegi sini.. nanti i akan review candlelight dinner tu ok.. dia ada special package.. :)

Glory jane said...

hihi... baru nak tanya hotel mana?
tak sabar nak tunggu next review

Diana Abdul Molok said...

bestnyeeeee i wanna go jugak alone with hubby, no kids bole huwa huwaaa

Chong BU Chloe said...

Wow.. Lovely holiday...
I wish to visit this place too. Thanks for sharing. Great job had done.

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