Wednesday, March 2, 2016


Hiiii bakal2 perantin dan juge bakal2 tunangss...

After 'holiday' yg agak starting back my bunga biz... so thinking nak buat offer/promotion handbouquet.. Ada sape2 interested??! Weekend ni da ada order so sape2 nak tumpang sekaki cepat2 contact me okiesssss!! 

Email me ya!

Promo RM70
Basic bouquet

Promo RM100
Full basic bouquet

*selected flower type only
*1 colour tone only
*self pickup (kota damansara/damansara heights)
*RM70 below also available based on your budget-just let me know!
*Other design/mix colours also available but different cost-just let me know!

Spread the love ya? 

Thanks bebeehhhssss...!


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jhaa said...

Congratulation to you. I am happy after reading your post that you have posted in this blog. Thanks for this wonderful post and hoping to post more of this. I am looking for your next update.

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