Thursday, May 7, 2015


Morning bebehsss..

Nak promote ni.. my cuzzie's biz.. she's a very2222 talented baker and now doing part time biz buat cake2 sedap giler ayam.. I da a few times order RV cake from her it's sooooooo yummehhhhhhh... and FYI, im not a cake lover tau but her cakes mmg sedap giler u'll end up eating alone in one corner of ur room..haha.. ok melampau..

If anyone interested pleaseee checkout her blog here..

Jom membuat diri air liur n air hidung meleleh.. ;p

Who doesn't like Nutella?? *drools*

Yumss... mcm nak try je nih...

I reaaaally need to try this one.... I x penah tau ada such thing as butterscotch cake.. just imagine butterscotch bread yg Gardenia tu pon da sedap, ni plak cake??

Like i said, im not a cake fan so i xtau ni cake ape but nampak sedap okeh.. and this cake's name is Hummingbird name... copy paste from her blog.. it's baked with luxurious combination of sweet mashed banana, crushed pineapple, pecan and dash of cinnamon

Pretty ombre cakeee!! Pretty rainbow cake!! 
And mix it wallahhh here u go pretty ombre rainbow cake...!

I da order 2-3kali and she never failed me.. My 1st anniversary pon i ordered from her.. siap bawak ke PD.. *nak tempel old pic jugak*

Combo of all the goodness! Red velvet + Vanilla spongcake + Choc all in one! Amagaddd..

many more okehhh.. My cuzzie ni da la mmg talented in baking, and masa dia sambung study kat UK boleh sempat gi join cakes+pastry class kat Pareee *Paris* so u wont regret it.. ;) I also have tried and mmg sedaaapppppp... 

Da terliur dah? Perut da berbunyi dah? heeee.. 
Checkout and order from her ok?! Sedap giler and price also reasonable..xyah da order Secret recipe, boring dah.. heheee.. ;p

How to Order?
Kindly text or whatsapp your orders by quoting the cake's name with the type of topping and cream of your choice to 6012 674 8786. Don't forget to placed your name, address, and the date you wish to receive your bakery products!

Pick-Up Point1. Petronas Taman Seri Gombak2. Jusco Aeon AU2 Setiawangsa3. Bangsar Village

Ok then bebeh, daaa~~


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Sasha said...

cantik cantiknya kek dia and nampak sedap. Walaupun i bukan penggemar kek tapi tengok kek yang ada choc ni terliur jugakla haha